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Doom: Toxicity - Non-linear techbase shootout (Release)

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Very nice little techbase. I always love a good doom 1 map, and you've knocked it out of the park. Having played chasm of the sinful I can see lots of similarities between the two, good use of verticality, and layout that is at the same time cramped and somewhat restrictive for player movement, yet also open. Looking forward to more from you!

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Thanks for playing the level. I wanted to make a level with simple looks and fun navigation so I think the result turned okay. I'm working on something more ambitious, even more the Chasm of Sinful. The focus with the new level will be on more realistic environments, scripted events and a lot of interactivity (let's say Doomguy meets Duke). I'd like to do a variation of "Hell on Earth" theme so let's hope it will work out. The downside is the level won't probably be ready before Fall.

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