Hi people! I've been playing Doom 2 on and off since I was 5 years old (great parents, yeah!). Some years ago I discovered mods, pwads and the endless replay value of Doom. Started mapping since the pandemic/curfew began, and today I bring you my first 2 maps (the ones that made the cut) in an effort to give something (very little) back to such great community.   ..:Info::.   IWAD: Doom II Ports: PrBoom, GlBoom, GZDoom & Android Freedoom (both levels were tested with those, they are supossed to only need a limit-removing port) Format: Doom Included: custom maps, textures, and MIDIs (composed by me) Levels: MAP01 & MAP02 Playstyle: Singleplayer only Difficulty: All dificulties implemented. In UV max expect scarce health and ammo, mandatory secrets & tougher enemies Gameplay: Little maps around a damaging floor, with little cover and enemy fire from all directions (You stand still, you die) Freelook: Preferably not Jump/Crouch: Not allowed   .::Screenshots::.     .::Download::. AoSv0.1.zip   I hope you like it. Feedback greatly appreciated. English isn't my first language, I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors. Have a nice weekend!