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Debut Map! Trouble In Rubble City

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Game: Doom 2

Port: GZDOOM (Tested with 4.3.3)

Slot: MAP01 and TITLEMAP


Mouselook: Yes

Crouching: Optional

Jumping: Optional

Difficulty Spawns: Yes, the overall experience will be chaotic either way but only slightly more on UV.

Build Time: 1 Year (Procrastination is a demon I need to slay).


Designed solely for Single-Player




Trouble in Rubble City’s main objective is to destroy the source of the invasion that’s happening in your hometown. Luckily, the source is only a few blocks away, but due to the constant tremors from the source, the streets are now ravaged with pits of lava, so don’t expect easy travel!


Here are some things to note before you begin your mission:

  • Exploration is rewarded
  • Some doors need to be aggressively opened


Good hunting, Slayer!






Map Download:



Alternate OGG OST (20 MBs): 



How to play:

Click on rubblecity.wad to play the map with the pre-packaged MIDI OST.




Use preferred mod launcher to combine rubblecity.wad with rubblecityaltost.wad to play with the Alternate OGG OST.

Resources Used: 

Doom Builder for Map Design

SLADE for adding textures and custom music

duketex.wad from Realm667

FL Studios 20 for Alternate OST

Duke Nukem 3D Warehauz, Subway, Gotham and Mission Briefing MIDI Files for MIDI OST

Mek’s Box ‘o Skies! for the awesome city skyline and new BOSSBACK texture for the credits sequence


Fun mods to play with this map:


Any mod that has a kicking feature is a must-play with this mod. You’ll see why.

Edited by BigBossHeinzohn

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Greetings and welcome :)

i'll give it a try. screenies with city-themes are really good :)

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7 hours ago, BigBossHeinzohn said:
  • Exploration is rewarded
  • Some doors need to be aggressively opened

I like city themes maps and the exploration feature. I'll try it! :)

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This was a pretty fun map! Texturing still has plenty of room for improvement, but I really like various details here (the bathroom sinks!), makes the map really feel like an actual city. Enemies are mostly zombies in extremely large environments, which I personally think add a lot to the map's charm. Overall, pretty solid work for a first release!


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I like maps that create their own world. Doesn't look like the other city levels, I played which made it refreshing. Level progression different then I expected, felt natural.

Thanks for making this.

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The architecture of this map is amazing. Great level design. Very impressed by this city map.


Edited by Doomdude89

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Very good for a first map


I dd notice you doors sides do not use the "lower unpegged" setting.



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- Be sure to set the Lower Unpegged flag on the sides of your doors, they look better.

- Maybe increase the delay on your fast doors before they close again, they seem to close far sooner than I'd like, it breaks up the flow.

- You're using custom textures, and I can tell that this was done in UDMF from the way the target secret opened, so maybe the cars could look a little better - some of those stock Doom 2 textures you're using just don't look great on the cars. They're okay, but pretty chunky. Really good stuff for a first map, though.

- After I reached the street, I could not see any way to make progress. No doors opened, no pathway past the obvious death pit, so I stopped playing. Progress needs to be more obvious.

- EDIT: Oh, I see now. Not everyone is going to remember that "aggressively open" hint from the forum thread. It could still be a little clearer, such as putting in a mandatory door in that style which the player has to pass through and is already "knocked open".


- Your lift trigger in the warehouse has next to no delay on the lift rising. It makes it more difficult to reach the lift than it should be.
- The red keycard is next to the red door, which is pretty pointless.
- The lift inside the red door also triggers when you cross the threshold, which means that if it goes up then back down, you need to leave the lift, which raises it. You could also put a switch in there for instance to raise it.
- You forgot to texture the red key door side of the lift.
- The Arch-Vile on the rooftop could be an interesting fight, except that the Arachnotron on the far side can't shoot at you. With that Arachnotron blocked, it's too easy to pick off the AV.
- I ended up missing a decent part of the map because I didn't jump into the sunken street section, and had to go back for it.
- Similarly to the red key, the blue key is also right next to the door it opens, which is pointless. Here's an idea: Swap the positions of the red and blue keys, and put a lock on the door to the chief's office which matches the key you find in the hotel, and take the key lock off the door to the jail cells -OR- let the player jump back to the park side of the street using an elevated ledge near the police station, and change the jail teleporter to dump the player in front of the hotel to eliminate backtracking once they have the second key.
- Good use of portals to do surprising traps into fights.
- I liked seeing the vista of the city from the final boss room.


- You repeat the same "goodies hidden in lava pits" secret at least four times, and it gets a bit too predictable.

Edited by Stabbey : more thoughts.

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I tried to play this but unfortunately I got very confused - I thought I tried to attack all the doors but I guess not - jumping being "optional" also threw me off and I jumped more than I should of. Overall you can tell a lot of work went into this and the doom cute and city setting was SPECTACULAR - I only regret how terribly my playthrough is


enjoy! (sorry)



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Thank you all for the feedback! I'll be sure to take these into account for my next map. IDK when it'll come due to college, but hopefully I can get a couple of maps in for the year. I'm thinking more small arenas rather than the grand adventure this map fleshed out too.

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