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what is your greatest doom games of all time

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4 hours ago, Remilia Scarlet said:

3DO Doom

Wait, you actually enjoyed the 3DO port?

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2 > 3 > 1 >>> Eternal > 2016


Only played a bit of 64 on the Unity Port Steam standalone "port", and the control is really bad on my side, so don't know where to put it. Maybe somewhere between 2 and 3.


Don't know why I would play 1 if I have 2, but probably I rated to with custom mapsets in mind.

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9 hours ago, MajorRawne said:

That's my problem with Doom 64 in a nutshell. They took the fiendishly quick and clever map designs used by id Software and engineered all the fun out of them. It keeps repeating the same tricks even more than Plutonia. Oh, I wonder if a ton of monsters are going to spawn in when I stand here or press this.


Also, D64 is the first heavily scripted Doom, so you lose the emergent gameplay of the original and you also lose replay value.

I don't know about that. I've been replaying Doom 64 for the pasts 24 years. On my original N64 cartridge from back in the day, the Absolution version, the EX version, Brutal version and the Re-release. 

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2 minutes ago, Remilia Scarlet said:

More like I would choose it over 2016.

What I like about the 3DO port of Doom is it’s amazing soundtrack!

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Doom/Final Doom/Doom II/Doom 2016/Doom 64/Doom 3.


I haven't played Doom Eternal yet, but Doom III was a little schizophrenic regarding its identity. Like, it's clearly an action game but they space the action out in a way that doesn't serve the game. Not like Tim Willits and John Carmack gave gaming innovation any priority whatsoever, but you'd have to lock me up, a la Civvie before I'd ever play it again (except for the hell level!).

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On 6/15/2021 at 4:34 PM, jerrysheppy said:

As games unto themselves, Doom (1993) = DOOM (2016) > Doom 64 > Doom 3 > Doom 2 > Doom Eternal

Same, but with Doom and Doom 64 swapping places.

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Doom II
Ultimate Doom

Doom 64
Final Doom


The distinction between the four is razor-thin for me. They're all Doom after all, they're all just variations on the same thing I love.


I don't know where I'd put Doom 3 or the modern games. They're wholly separate things from classic Doom in my mind.

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Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, Doom 64, Final Doom, Doom 3, Doom 2016, Doom Eternal.


Eternal being the only major release in the series that I still haven't bothered to complete. It feels more like Devil May Cry than Doom. My opinion, I could be wrong, but I had a coworker who strongly recommended it when it came out. He didn't care for the original games, or Doom 3 and 2016, but he loved Eternal.


His favorite series were Devil May Cry and Streetfighter. I have nothing against Devil May Cry or Streetfighter, I enjoy them. But it told me quite a bit about the direction the series was going in. And when I play Doom, I want to... play Doom, not DMC or Streetfighter.

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Doom II. For the sole reason that without it I wouldn't be able to play as many WADs as I can now.


Though if we're taking mods out of the equation then it'd probably be Doom Eternal. I hate to admit it but it's really addicting and fun.

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