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Testing maps with several resource wads in PRBoom (with Doombuilder)


The above, is it possible? I get a "texture not found" error whenever I use a texture from another wad, and PrBoom closes. I have to use ZDoom to test my maps, even when PRboom is the target port.


I'm using Doombuilder DBX2019.1, because that's the latest version my pc could run.

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Textures are defined in PNAMES, TEXTURE1 and sometimes TEXTURE2 lumps within wads.

gzDoom knows how to merge them, PrBoom overwrites so you'd have to merge them yourself.

It's a little tricky, since you'd have to find all the added textures in one wad and copy them over to another. SLADE should automatically carry over patches and PNAMES entries as well.

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I can’t get it to work, I just ended up merging all my texture packs into my wad.


Aside from the PNAME and TEXTURE1, you might also have to merge ANIMATED and BOOMSWITCHES as well

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