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Alignment Issues with Lower Unpegged (Ultimate versus X)

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The left is Ultimate Doom Builder. The right is Doom Builder X. I have mostly used X but have recently been using Ultimate a lot more. I noticed that lower unpeg alignment works differently between the editors. This is the same part of the exact same map open in both editors. After shift+A, it is aligned on the right (X) but not on the left (Ultimate). In game, I see what Ultimate (left) shows. Is this an error in Doom Builder X?


Also note that the sectors have different ceiling heights, and that seems to be the difference, but that does not matter in X. If this is how this is and I have been doing this wrong all this time and somehow never noticed in game (apparently I don't do this very often), is there a better way to align when adjacent sectors have different floor and ceiling heights? Or does it have to be done manually?

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I'm not familiar with Doom Builder X and whenever it has different, possibly incorrect interpretations.

Unpegged upper/lower textures are drawn from the ceiling of the sector in front of it and as far as I saw, UDB portrays it correctly. I'm not sure what is going on with DBX.

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, HAK3180 said:

is there a better way to align when adjacent sectors have different floor and ceiling heights? Or does it have to be done manually?

From personal experience I would suggest manual alignment. Especially if said adjacents connect to even more adjacents. You'll never get it right by auto alignment because it will always adjust one or the other not to your liking.


My process for stuff like this is:

1) Ensure all offsets are set to 0,0 and no unpegging is set

2) Find the linedef where I want alignment to start

3) Auto align horizontally ONLY

4) Manually adjust vertical alignments

5) Touch up other alignments as needed


Sometimes you may also like to use what I call a "buffer texture" to force the editor to only align the section of lines you want it to.


Let's say this is your wall with all your texture set along it (each X is a linedef).



What I might do is change texture or clear the edges so that you end with this (two O's are blank lines).



Now start from the second linedef (first X) and auto align. This contains the alignment to that area since it spreads to same textured walls only.


Then fix the edges manually.


Do whatever works for you.

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@Nevander, so it sounds like the answer is "no, there's no shortcut for that." I consider myself pretty efficient at aligning. I use what you've called buffers all the time, especially behind the scenes, but sometimes little one-pixel similar textures where stuff is seen. 


The main thing is this was really surprising to me. But, after I looked a bunch of my maps, this seems to come up way less than I initially feared when I realized Doom Builder X did it wrong, which, in turn, explains why I only now noticed. 

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