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Mr. Freeze

Post a picture...that you took

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Here are some liminal spaces I found while exploring Edinburgh's Natural History Museum:





The rest of the album, spoilered for convenience:











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Taken a month ago (almost):



Almost all of my lifetime I was living between two parts of the world, literally.

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jolly cola is the only brand I like better than coca cola

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1 hour ago, CBM said:

jolly cola

Hey, I remember their commercials.

Den er vokset! LOL

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33 minutes ago, Grazza said:

Hey, I remember their commercials.

Den er vokset! LOL

Hehe... the good old days (Husker den godt hehe)

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Amazing light last night. Great sunset and epic hill to hill rainbow!



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I remembered to get the establishing shot this time.



Walked a bit. This from the top of Inferno Cone.


More tomorrow.

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The quintessential "It's too damn hot today" picture:



Caught this little guy resting in the shadow of my picnic table this afternoon. It did get pretty damn hot today, the birds managed to knock all the water out of the bird baths because they were fighting over it. So I refilled them, and that's when I saw the rabbit. I'm pretty sure it's the same hare I've seen around here since February. It seems to be quite comfortable in my yard.




I put some water out for it, but it got spooked and ran around the back of the shed. Oddly enough it was okay sitting there eating grass while I watched it from about seven feet away. And eventually it was comfortable enough to eat grass within three feet, and hopped about a foot in front of me. When it was done eating, it had a big stretch.




Cute little bugger.

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When i am about to run with the dogs i get them to sit and stay then say "ready, steady, run!"


This was Sunny's face today on "steady".


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