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Mr. Freeze

Post a picture...that you took

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Great Basin Gopher Snake, Craters of the Moon National Monument, Idaho


"Let's Storm Area 51!" sign, near the southern end of the Extraterrestrial Highway, Nevada


Hyatt Reservoir, Cascades-Siskiyou National Monument, Oregon; a nice pattern, but this is meant to be the middle of a big lake, which is only about 1% full; nearby is something that is labelled a "boat launch".


"Lava Ness Monster", Newberry National Volcanic Monument, Oregon


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Driving 5 to 10 miles per hour on a 75 mile an hour interstate. For an hour, because there was a one and a quarter mile stretch of the left lane closed off with construction pylons. On a Friday afternoon, so of course nobody was out there actually working on the road. I really thought I would've passed a jackknifed semi trailer at some point or some other horrible accident, but no. Just a bunch of people who couldn't figure out how to zipper when a lane was closing.


And yeah, at that stretch of road, everyone should've been going 75 to 80 miles an hour. But nope, a small section of the interstate that was closed off caused an hour long backup for about 20 miles.

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Was just getting the dogs back in the car after our run, messaged my lady, was about to leave when SURPRISE EPIC SUNSET!


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Nighttime on beach looking east, 10 second exposure. Waning gibbous moon. Notice the star Arcturus lower left. April 2020.


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That awkward moment when you start a walk with two dogs and somehow end up with three.


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Some urban exploring pics











I love shooting with film too, here's a couple b&w shots on 120 that I fucked up the frame size so the shots overlapped a little...  still like how they turned out though.










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