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[Resouce][Models] 3D Buildings for modders

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I just released a PK3 on idgames for people to use as a resources. Link below:

Doom buildings contains 18 low poly 3D buildings with demolished counterparts (36 all together) and 4 piles of rubble. The buildings have been textured with Doom2 textures (they reference to the Doom2.wad) so they fit in with the game. You can even switch textures by editing the MODELDEF lump using a text editor (or Slade). Some buildings spawn multiple hit boxes so they block missiles and players properly despite their non-uniform shape.

I've tried using the Doom Hi-Res Texture Project add-on and it works great too. They also seem to work nicely with dynamic lights.

Here''s a quick YouTube video showing the buildings.

Let me know if you use it in a level. I'd love to see them in action.

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