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Visions of Hot Flashes

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Erm. Yes, so over at Visions of Doom you can grab some more demos by that crazy demo guy Andy Olivera. The update contains demos for an Ultimate Doom mapset called Flash of Death by some jerk I never heard of. I haven't watched the demos yet, but I think it's safe to assume that they are top quality. And not just because of the jerk who made the maps either.

Update by mewse: I *had* to fix Cyb's grammar because I couldn't understand what he said in the second sentence until I read over it about 8 times and had him explain it to me.

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Is it really worth it to say anything?

Yes it is. Grammar sucks, and the map r0><0rz.

The Last Doomer said:
[BI leave and you witless fucks totally forget about spelling and grammar... worthless. [/B]

no you are. Now go away.

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