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Favorite TF2 Meme?

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What Is Your Favorite Meme Based Off Of Team Fortress 2.

The Ones That Come Straight To The Top Of My Head when I Think About This Is.


What About You?.

With The Community Of Team Fortress 2 And Its Wackiness There's Really A lot You Can Choose From.

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Why do you think I have a favorite TF2 meme? I don't even play TF2 and most memes are simply annoying in my opinion.

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Posted (edited)

Name-of-the-month-fest. I play those every first day of the month because 1) it sounded like month-1st and 2) I'm a weirdo.


I couldn't find the extended Julyfest one.

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Suprise buttskeks techno remix. 


And some pootis memes because i just like how it sounds

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Surprised this short and sweet classic wasn't mentioned sooner.



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