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Chris Hansen

Debris' map "Hangar" wanted!

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Yo! I've recklessly exchanged my old computer 3 months ago with a new super PC, thus having thrown my copy of the Biffton Snagglegrass Debris' great Ult. Doom map "Hangar" out in the abyss that is erased-HD-data! It was released in 2002, exactly when is beyond the capacity of my memory! If one of you have this map in your possesion I'd really like to have you mail me a copy of it. My happiness would seem endless! I tried contacting the author and visiting his homepage, however it was futile. So can anyone help me?

Thanks for listening!

ps. I believe the file name is rd1m1.wad

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well... I have found a url,
I trying to see if I can download it... :)

edit: damn, it did't work, sorry... :(

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Thanks a lot Doug! You're the man!

I need it for my '2002 G.D.R.' list, just in case you were wondering... which you're probably not ;-)

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Pretty nice map, although short. Looked more like an office building than a hangar to me though. It was definetely refreshing to be fighting through lots of the weaker enemies than a few of the bigger ones.

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