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PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA v2.3 Release out now!]

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@Arbys550 haha well I am happy to hear you tried it, that part with crushers and archviles is an unnecessary path, it just allows you to get the bfg early, probably still needs some work. Thanks for the feedback

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BETA v1.3


Contains a major fix for MAP24


Apologies for the long wait for this fix. BETA 2 will be a major update, including a new secret level and further level updates.

The plan is for BETA 3 to have a new map order as well as three secret exits. Suggestions for map orders are needed.

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Version 5 of 'Lightning Over the Beyond'.
-I finally fixed that damn door texture with help of Myolden !
-added a secret invincibility just before the last battle
-made it so that all the cacos and pain elementals háve to be woken up in the green sky/metal arena.
-fiddled with some doors etc.
-changed some ammo balance and monster balance, mostly at the large pentagram arena.
-fixed numerous tiny and bigger sky, lighting and texture issues

Known bugs/issues left:
-Some tiny sky issues to do with the lighting. Not much I can do about it I think.
-Some strange nodebuilder (I think) issues in the pentagram arena, that don't break the map and the player might not even notice. I don't know how to fix these. The only truly horrible one as far as I know is a HOM on the Southern side of the South Eastern pillar, that sometimes doesn't show up.

File: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8m6zxh6tczqrvpy/PeccatumMihzamiz_PUSS_SoS_LotB_v05.wad/file

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Summer of Slaughter - Beta 2.2


Beta 2 is a rather sizeable update to the Summer of Slaughter wad. It contains the following updates:

BETA 2.2 - 11/13/2020
    Updated Maps:
        - Titlemap

        - 01 v3
        - 02 v2

        - 03 v3
        - 04 v3
        - 07 v2
        - 08 v6
        - 10 v2
        - 18 v5
        - 14 v2
        - 20 v2
        - 23 v2
        - 25 v2
    Added Map 28 "The Chaosphere" - BluePineapple72
    Added Map 34 "The Basement" - Pierrot
        - This level is currently inaccessible without using idclev34
         - The resources for this level have been trimmed down.


    Added new menu graphics.


It also contains a boom compatible version of the wad compiled by Danlex. It has some neat beachy hub goodness in place of the UDMF maps. Give er a spin if your computer can't handle high monsters on GZDoom as well as PRboom!

Huge thanks to @Danlex for the massive help in the process of wrapping up SOS. There is still quite a ways to go but the tide is rising baby!


Some information on the new map:

Map Name: The Chaosphere

Author: BluePineapple72

Music: "New Millennium Cyanide Christ" - Meshuggah

Sky: N/A

Format: Boom

Difficulty Settings: I don't think so

Build Time: 12 Hours. Bout 30 minutes of testing/bugfixing

Monster Count: 667 (I swear this was an accident)

Par Time: Uh

Jumping Crouching: No Comments: Disciples. Come join with me. To save a failed humanity.


I honestly feel I can make this one a tad bit more difficult. Let me know what you think please. I also need to adjust the pacing a tad









There are still two levels being worked on for the main mapset and three more for the secret set. I'm still testing the levels myself so I can get a gauge of how they will be ordered in the future.


Future updates will see a brand new intermission screen, CWILV patches (they look quite nice at the moment), a new map order, and a fancy credits beach. We've just got the home stretch for this bad boy! 


Until next time folks ,o7

Edited by BluePineapple72

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Update to two maps and finally an upload of a map that was almost finished when the deadline passed, and was allowed to be submitted later.


Update: Joy of the Blood of the Stars version 4

Changed: quite a few tiny tweaks and fixes. Still didn't add difficulty to everything I think.

Update: Lightning Over the Beyond version 7

Changed: lots of fixes to progression, lots of rebalancing. Added difficulty levels.


Map Name: The Forgotten Offering
Author: Peccatum Mihzamiz
Music: One track by myself, and a temporary track by stewboy that will be changed later.
Sky: OSKY32 and OSKY06 from OTEX
Format: UDMF GZDoom
Difficulty Settings: Not yet implemented
Build Time: about 12 hours, with quite a few extra hours to fix everything
Monster Count: 1??????
Jumping/Crouching/Mouselook: not needed
Known Issues: sometimes the portals towards one of the Northern areas don't work. They seem to be fine right now.






Link to the file, version 2

Edited by Peccatum Mihzamiz : updated to version 2 for The Forgotten Offering

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BETA 2.3 - 12/23/2021
    Added MAP29
    - "The Forgotten Offering" - @Peccatum Mihzamiz
    Added temporary Intermission: I think I actually forgot to do this. Sue me :p
    Updated Maps:    
        - 04 v4
        - 07 v4
        - 16 v2.1
        - 18 v7

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