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The DWIronman League dies to: Scythe 2

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Dead out in the fires of map03 after surviving the castle, making it really quite a good DWIronman attempt by my standards!


Category 1

Dead in MAP03 with 127 kills in 25min9s




Edit: I should watch other people's demos more, it's interesting to see how they approach the same obstacles! Just going by Pseudonaut's playthrough so far, I see they spend a lot more time hunting for secrets than I did, and just through that they're able to keep their health and ammunition stocks higher (I spent half my time in MAP01 punching a cacodemon).

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5 hours ago, Beginner said:

At the moment this link leads to a renamed june (firebox) DWIL demo (checked the footer and playback). Was scythe2 demo overwritten or was there some mix up when you uploaded your demos?


On closer inspection, you're correct! I've reuploaded the correct file, although it is only marginally more impressive.

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This is a Category 1 run, and there's two demos in the zip file.


This WAD separates itself into 5-map episodes with death exits to reset the player at the end of each chapter. I had something come up while I was recording E1, and decided that if I made it to the changeover, I'd quit & go run an errand before starting fresh on MAP06 to play E2. If that's not in the spirit of the competition, I'll take the "cash out on MAP06" result. But, otherwise, my result is:


Dead in MAP10 with 111 Kills.


Squished by the Bruiser Brothers at the end of the map. I managed to squeeze past them once to reach the first switch, but couldn't pull off that stunt a second time and that claustrophobic encounter brought my run to an end.


I know that madness lurks in the endgame, but Scythe 2's introductory chapters were an absolute blast and their entertaining encounter design was paired with some absolutely stellar architecture, texturing, & lighting. I can see why this WAD has a whole chapter dedicated to it in Not Jabba's "The Roots of Doom Mapping" essay.

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Category 3 run (did some practice of maps 1-15 on Thursday night), died on map 10 to a Cyberdemon in the final fight.


Yeah, turns out my Thursday night practice of the final fight of map 10 didn't include "being blinded by the Archvile post-death and then being unable to adjust to two Cybers attacking you at the same time in a narrow corridor." This scenario didn't come up in practice, so I died. And now @an_mutt has a 5-2 lead in the Unclebowl.


Gimme something easy for August would ya? I'm tired of taking bad Ironman mistakes.


Summation of my run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kYCRMS4_pA

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Posting a bit late since I took a few weekend trips this past month.


Category 2. I've played up through map ~22 a couple times over the past decade, before it becomes full-on slaughter. Going into this mapset, there were two main points I was worried about - the ending fights of maps 10 and 15 since they're easy to mess up.



Died at the end of map 10. I completely whiffed the first BFG blast on the archvile and that loss of time let the two cyberdemons pin me on the walkway. Time was around an hour and 15 minutes, maybe more. They were the only two monsters left.



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After seeing NaZa return to update the older ironman threads, I finally managed to muster enough strength to update my ironman thread as well. I am sorry that I updated it 4 months late, but better late than never I suppose.


Also congratulations to @Arbys550 for winning their first Ironman victory. Great showcase of skill and endurance.

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