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dropping stuff

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All right, now what I want to do for my Abydian 1 project is the you could pick up a cobra staff(plasmagun) that the mummys(BOH) sometimes leave behind. How would I go about doing this?

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2 ways of doing this that I know of.

1: If you are using Zdoom, you can give any enemies you wish to drop the item the special that makes them spawn something when they die, give them a tid (thingID) and set the items to be spawned to appear at the tid you gave the monster. This has the advantage of allowing you to pick exactly which monsters will drop the weapon, but if you want all enemies of that type to do it, you will need to set them all up like this, and give them all seperate tids.

2: You can change the way a pickup behaves using dehacked. eg, if you make the ammo clip use the frames of the soul sphere, every time you pick up an ammo clip, you get a soul sphere instead. The advantage is that it makes a global change for all enemies that drop the item concerned, but it also removes the item as a placeable item in the game (although you can probably give the soul sphere (for example) the ammo clip frames and get soul spheres to behave like clips, thereby effectivley swapping the items. I don't know how well this trick is supported by the various source ports. It wasn't supported for a while in Zdoom, but has now been restored.

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