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Nitpicking Corner #1 - IWADs (+ Introduction)

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***So what is Nitpicking Corner?***




A concept I thought while I was eating lunch, basically. This first post is literally a draft or something, if it doesn't have that much attention or if the mods tell me there's quite literally some really similar posts.

The point, I thought, is to gather around this virtual bonfire and talk about small details we dislike, hate, or simply think don't belong there, this will be done for different topics, in a weekly or bi-weekly basis.




***Today's Theme***




Any IWADs really, Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Freedoom, Hacx, Miniwad, you name it!


Here's mine: For Freedoom phase 2, I always thought the Technospider looked horrendous, I mean yeah it's cool because it makes me want to kill it quicker, but idk, all the other Freedoom assets look really good but this one just looks weird, it creeps me out.




For Miniwad, and since I know it has no actual levels to try and reduce the size as much as possible, but idk I always thought it'd be funny if it had some really short levels ala Demonfear


That's it, I hope we can get together and enjoy our time!

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Yeah, some of monsters design in Freedoom is pretty hideous,but the good thing about that mod is if there's something you don't like, you are free to modify it!

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Even though Plutonia is the only 10/10 WAD out there for me, I still think they used way too many Barons.


Though, I have to admit, mappers don't really think of when you should use Barons in a more critical way until these 10 years, so I don't really blame them.

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