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(v0.4) Emerald Coast, Coop-focus WAD

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I am Fourmiant, also known as NerdyMonk316, and I have been playing modded Doom for several years now, with some friends and collegues. While playing, I was inspired by all the great work people have put on those projects to start my own.


This is my first experience with Doom Builder. It is a WAD that can be most enjoyed Solo as well as in Coop. My plan is to release 6 episodes of 5 maps, each following a theme, but each map is designed to be pistol started. Although it requires a zdoom port, jumping and crouching is not allowed, but freelook is allowed.


A secret base called Emerald Coast has gone silent, and a team of Marine has been dispatched. Little do they know that unholy experiments were being done and our heroes will not expect what's waiting for them. Rip and Tear.


Episode 1 - Space Station (Mostly finished)
Small rooms and corridors. It's a claustrophobia nightmare.


MAP01 - Living Quarters


MAP02 - Lower Deck


MAP03 - Command Deck


Episode 2 - Canyon (Mostly finished)
Big open outside areas.


Episode 3 - UAC Base (Mostly finished)
UAC Base is big and designed to be played in coop. Lots of mirror corridors and rooms.



MAP11 - The Silent Base


MAP12 - Storage Wars


MAP13 - Cable Spaghetti


MAP14 - Obligatory Sewer Level


MAP15 - Electric Room


Episode 4 - Emerald Temple (started)


Episode 5 - Living Beast (Not yet started)


Episode 6 - Walk in Hell (Not yet started)

This WAD is essentially a Doom 2 level pack using the UDMF ZDoom and ACS Scripts, but also contains a few added images and midi. It was tested on zdoom 2.8.1, lzdoom 3.82, zandronum 3 and the latest gzdoom, but it could work on other versions and engines. Here under is a link to the WAD itself.


Emerald Coast Demo v0.4


I intend to continue this WAD and add more maps, every few months, but as of now, I do not have an official date when it will be completed.



Special Credits to:

Marou700's level design ideas and tester

fireyoshiqc's music mixing and editing skills, as well as tester

James Paddock's MIDI

Kinsie for the MIDI Floppy Disk

decino's junkyard's MIDI

Kolibri92's Remakes of James Paddock's MIDI

Tristan "Eris Falling" Clark for his Doom E1M1 remix

Edited by Fourmiant

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Hey man, this was a blast! Loved Map 01's hitscanner carnage, the number of bodies on the floor was a really cool feeling. Also a chaingun with plenty of ammo and a room full of imps: that's my kinda fun. The bar area in Map 01 was really neat looking. 


Map 02 got my goat a few times, but I really liked the ssg room with the star texture and the shotgunners and pinkies. The teleporter berserk fight was really sweet. However, four Hell Knights in a pit you can't look down and a slime floor is a little mean. That one took a few tries. Overall a really solid map.


Map 03 is probably my favorite, the fights were really tight and a lot of fun. The circular room where waves of different enemies teleport in when you hit the switches on the terminals is really fun and I blew through it with no deaths. Not a bad thing it was a little challenging, but really satisfying.


The wad's visual chops are pretty solid, reminds me of Equinox by B.P.R.D. and Map 01 of Eternal by Team TNT. The lighting is pretty well done as well. I like it a lot and am excited to see the rest of it!

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Hey all, thanks for the feedback, Dusty_Rhodes. I try not to be too mean, but that doesn't mean the demon of Hell are playing fair either!

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Here's a little sneak of what to expect towards the end of the 1st episode



MAP04 - Engineering Deck

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Here are some screenshots from Episode 2, which is currently in work.








I would like to thank the community for some vegetation trees sprites I found in the sprite carnival. If I could have the appropriate author, so I could him/her in the credits, that would be great.

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Sadly my computer is broken at the moment, but I followed the tread and am excited to check the rest out when I can. Keep up the good work!

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Hey folks.

Personal update
I am back after several months of absence. I was busy with renovating my bathroom and with it was a lot complex than what my wife and I expected.

WAD update
The WAD Demo has been updated to version 0.4. With that comes the first episodes completed (MAP01 through MAP15). These maps are still subject to change if balance or bugs are needed. Also, here is a new screen capture of MAP10 - Eruption


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I didn't like how MAP14 was too boxy and dark, so I rework the sewer's tunnel to offer more diversity in lighting and geometry.


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Just wanted to post to say this looks interesting. I love WADs designed with coop in mind as I like playing them with my brother, so I'll definitely want to check this out when all maps are done!

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