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Enigma of Sector Sigma - 5-map wad (Boom+)

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UV pistol starts with saves

Port: DSDA-Doom v0.19.3 -complevel 9

Total IGT: 0:36:10

Personal Difficulty Evaluation: 1.7 (1 = Plutonia, 2 = Ancient Aliens)

Personal Rating: 7.9 (out of 10)


Have a bit of Ancient Aliens vibe to the whole map set. Purple and green are 2 of my favorite colors, so the visual makes me happy. My personal favorite is Map05 because you can just open up everything and blast everything up. The custom monsters are pretty good, and they're not really over the top, so yeah, pretty fun.


Map03 start pretty interesting, but I guess you have many customized monsters already, so maybe you can reduce the SMM's health a bit as it's not used anywhere else.


Map04 is a bit weird because it seems not very fun to fight those Cyberdemons, especially the one at the start where you only have the Rocket Launcher, so I just escaped. Also I escaped that Purple Key fight with the same reason... Probably I would expect a BFG, heh.


Map05 is fun overall, but the exit probably can be moved a little bit. Right now it's too easy to accidentally walk into it, or get covered by the corpses. I looked around for 1+ minute to find it, heh. 

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A really great set here showcasing some really nice Otex color combos. Thrilling combat UV has some great engagements. I ended up skipping map 3 as I could not survive the first room. Maybe it's possible to grind out a win there but I didn't feel like getting cut down by a spider mastermind over and over again to find out so I just skipped it. Everything else was top-tier I loved these maps.


Probably the thing I like best about these maps is that the traps are dangerous without being "insta-kill you on a blind run" dangerous. Doom combat is at its best when you are playing a map knowing that danger is around every corner but you can handle it if you just keep your wits about you. These maps do an exceptional job at creating that feeling.


Should probably make the exit on map 05 a little easier to see and a little harder to stumble into.



VOD of my playthrough:



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Just played these maps pistol start and mostly saveless. Found no issues on the technical side of things (dsda-doom -cl9) nor balancing wise.


The music and the texture usage is excellent, gives me big stardate 20x6 and valiant vibes regarding the looks.


Difficulty wise it's pretty good, it gives you all the necessary tools. Some arenas can get pretty tense, especially the ones in map05, but there's always enough health to deal with them.


Secrets were pretty good, there were a couple of them I didn't bother to find but they seemed to be pretty well hidden, though there are enough clues for most of them if you observe your surroundings.


All around awesome stuff, looking forward for the full release!

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EoSS is now on idgames with some changes: 

  • Map04 - Removed cyberdemon from the purple room
  • Map05 - Exit is more conspicuous
  • small fixes

Thanks for the feedback and kind words.

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These are some of the most fun level titles ever. And these are also some really fun levels in generally, great layouts (only one I didn't like that much was MAP02's cramped spaces but to each their own). No issues here!

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On PrBoom+, nearing the top of the mountain in Map 04 can sometimes leave you blocked and at the complete mercy of Revenants who are above you (or maybe on the side because there are some visible on another port.

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I completed Enigma of Sector Sigma EoSS.wad with LZDoom on Hurt Me Plenty, outrageous Doom 2 maps, 91/100. The negatives, Map 3, and Map 5. Map 3 was the least interesting, because enemies were placed far away from the player. Map 3 took a long time to complete. The last room of Map 3 was well designed. Map 5, most of the enemies were fighting each other, and this was the smallest map out of the 5 maps. Map 4 was plain amazing. I had to find a way past the teleporter section, where I died at least 12 times. To survive the teleport ambush in Map 4, you need to move around the enemies, and wait for the enemies fight each other to escape the room after pressing the 2 buttons. EoSS.wad is a Doom 2 mod that requires you to develop a real strategy instead of shooting everything that moves. You will not survive EoSS.wad without understanding the level design.

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