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SNES music wad ???

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Hmm.My first post.

Hello all,

I'm hoping that maybe someone could tell me if a .wad is available which consists of the entire snes Doom sountrack and is compatible with either J or Z Doom.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Cheers.Now all I need is a bit of patience and a faster connection.

Anyways,I do have another question for anyone that could lend a hand.I've downloaded the new zDoomGL ver 0.72 along with the relevant source code (or whatever its referred to as) from sourceforge.net

I've also downloaded the zDoomGL Md2 pack but can't seem to get it working.I've unzipped it to my Doom folder but to no avail.Upon browsing through its sub-folders I've noticed models for enemies from Doom 2/Final Doom.

Is it compatible with Doom 1?If so what am I doing wrong?

Thanks again.

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ZDoomGL 0.7x doesn't support md2 models or dynamic lighting yet. Md2 models will be coming in the 0.8 series and lighting in the 0.9 series.

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