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Music Replacement

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Im curious about the legality of using music from other games in DooM wads. If I, for example, wanted to use music from a Genesis or SNES game, would that cause any kind of problems. Im sure others have done it, but is it allowed?

I'd also like to pose the same question for non-video game music that was created by independant artists and released for free (probably the same answer though).

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Anybody who takes issue with you using a midi has waaay too much time on their hands. No, it shouldn't be a problem using a midi from someone else's wad, or one based on a commercial song.

Just remember to give credit where credit is due, if possible.

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Ultimate DooMer said:

What about videogame midis downloaded from midi sites, rather than taken from other wads?

Ditto. Take and be healthy, credit where it's due.

A midi ain't exactly copyright-quality music, ye know. :P

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I've e-mailed both Tolwyn and Mark Klem about using their tunes in levels I make, and neither seemed to have a problem with it as long as credit is given and you link to their mp3 site.

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