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Hi-res textures in Jdoom

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I am trying to get hi-res textures wfrom the website http://switch.to/doom2textures to work in jdoom. But I can't figure out, what dir the png files should be in. Can anyone help me?

thanks for help :)

and yes, I have tried to look at the jdoom website, but can't find anything. :(

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Fredrik said:

Doesn't it work like in ZDoomGL, that you put the textures in <doomdir>/textures/doom/ ?

It did't work... :(

I wonder what dir it should be in.

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Ct_red_pants said:

the textures go in [your jdoom directory]\data\jdoom\textures

and yes, it supports both PNG files and TGA.

Thanks alot... :)

Where did you get that info?

(where on jdoom's website)

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