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Sandy Petersen's on YouTube

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His main channel is here: 

Supposedly has some more, dedicated ones too.

I know this is probably old news, but this creates quite a bit of potential for interaction. I for example would love to see him play D(2)TWiD and give his own impressions on whether he thinks the levels are accurate to his style, but of course the potential is endless, we could ask him so much stuff. Sorry if this has already been in fact done, I haven't been lurking much recently

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Posted (edited)

Ok, I pressed something and accidentally posted the video like 4 times. There is no post deletion option, so there you go lol. Mods pls clean up/merge the posts if you can. Anyway, the following is Sandy showing off his house and how the buildings in Doom 2 level 16: Suburbs are based on it. Fun stuff!

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Posted (edited)

Wow, that looks a lot like it. Is this house built like in Doom or is the Doom location made from this premise? Man, Sandy Petersen is really cool. Too bad he has so few subscribers. Why doesn't he use ads? I want more people to see him. Not just fans of Doom, but also ordinary gamers. He tells a very interesting story and shoots it well enough. 

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