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Abyssal Speedmapping Session 56 - Much Ado about Nutting!

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Last time, On Dragonball A S S

Showtime is going to be THIS SATURDAY, July 17 at the time that is generally the "Usual" time. (2 PM Eastern, and no Im not putting a countdown because I cannot even trust those)  Sorry for the short notice, I personally didnt know if I would be around, let alone any other hosts.  But the 17th will work best and I hope to see some of you fine folks over there for shitposting and speedmapping yo.


that is an invite link.  See yall Saturday!

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By the grace of god and anime I have missed both the 24 and 12 hour warnings.

The 12 hour warning was 12 minutes ago.

the first session is in 12 hours from 12 minutes ago.


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Howdy Nerds.  Themes dropping in ten minutes

Themes are:
Oops all hitscanners - the name speaks for itself.
THICC DOORS - any doors used in the map must have a thiccness of at least 64 units.
You have two hours from this edit.

Edited by TMD : themes at quarter after

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  1. Oops, all hitscan (no projectile-based monsters)
  2. Doors have to be at least 64 units wide
  3. FRICTION SECTORS (look here for an example wad)

Ready, set, map!

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