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What is your favourite doom game?

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Personally, my favourite doom games are: Doom(1993), Doom 2, Doom (2016), Doom eternal, and Doom 64.


I don't really like Doom 3. The lighting is great, but the dialogue is too long. Final doom, I like, but TNT is meh.

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Oh it's too difficult to say which is one MY favourite, even if I've answered this question many times before. I love all of the games in the series. But I'll narrow it down to Doom (PC & PSX), Doom 64, TNT, Eternal.

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7 minutes ago, omalefico32x said:

super turbo turkey puncher 3

I agree, it was better then Doom 3.

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Hands down, my favorites are Doom 1 and Doom Eternal. I know Doom 2 was meant to be Doom 1 on steroids, and it's a great game, but I prefer Doom 1's level design over Doom 2's. And Doom 2016 is fabulous, but I prefer Doom Eternal's combat. I think everyone does. I also love Doom 64, and I've had many good times with Doom 2. I still haven't played Doom 3 yet, but I think it looks interesting. But I think we can all agree that, according to Civvie, Doom 64 is the real Doom 3.

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Of the IWADs, Ultimate DooM. It's level design and atmosphere are second to none.


Of the nuDooMs, I hate to have to choose but I think I'd have to take Eternal. I vastly prefer the narrative approach and environmental tone that 2016 went for, but Eternal perfected the combat loop and at the end of the day that's what I'm here for. 


When PWADs come into play DooM 2 is the obvious answer. It's extended bestiary is paramount and umpteen mappers have created atmospheres that the original id team would have never dreamed of.



My favorite Halo is 2, with a soft spot for 4.


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Doom is a more consistent package though it is not without a few dud maps.

Doom 2 is inconsistent map quality wise but formed a better modders playground.

TNT is... ok.

Plutonia is well designed but it's gameplay is dickish and annoying.

Doom 64 is dickish and annoying.

Doom 3 is deeply flawed but still enjoyable if you can get passed it. I enjoyed the story, the idea of a forgotten ancient civilisation on Mars is awesome.

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil I thought was a lot better.

Doom 2016 was a good reboot of the formula.

Doom Eternal has spectacular levels, hilariously over detailed lore, and can be a lot of fun but... is often spoiled by being dickish and annoying. Great when you are "in the zone" but when it's off, it's way off.


Yes, I have a short fuse when it comes to dickish and annoying gameplay. Can you tell?


So... probably Doom 2 on the whole.

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Tough question. Do I say it's the game that has given me the most hours of fun or the one that I'm enjoying the most right now? If it's the latter Doom Eternal. Former is Doom 2 for content but Doom 1 is very close due to its better levels.

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In order:

1. Doom 64 + The Lost Levels

2. The Ultimate Doom + Sigil

3. Doom II: Hell on Earth + The Master Levels for Doom II + No Rest for the Living

4. Doom (2016)

5. Final Doom

6. Doom Eternal

7. Doom VFR

8. Doom 3 + Resurrection of Evil + The Lost Mission


I never played the cell phone games and I haven't yet gotten to the Eternal expansions so I left those out.


Doom 3 is a bad game in every sense of the word. I love all the rest.

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After my 100th replay of Doom 2 and 1 this year, but finally doing pistol starts, I think I've settled on putting Doom 2 on top. Kind of solely for the full enemy roster and the SSG. It truly makes the difference and I've even noticed in the fan wads that I gravitate more towards, it's typically Doom 2's base.


That said, there's maps, music, the atmosphere, and moments of Doom 1 that I still like more in ways. They're a package deal really. I'd have trouble thinking of a time I only replayed one of the two.


I tend to roll up Plutonia, TNT, and even the other wads out there into the full "Doom" experience as well, but yeah. That's how I'd break it down.


2016 and Eternal are pretty awesome, but I can't deny I had more fun replaying Doom 64 with its new official release than I did with Eternal when those dropped. Doom 64 is the best between 3 and the new modern games, because the formula is still vanilla Doom with 64. The perfect formula. The original Doom 1/2 foundation is truly perfection and timeless.

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My favorite would have to be Final Doom (Plutonia > TNT, but I like both), followed by the Ultimate Doom/Doom 2 (tie), followed by Doom 64. I actually really enjoy Doom 3 too, but I feel it is hard to compare to the others. Doom 3's gameplay is nothing to write home about compared to the other Dooms, but my god the lighting, sound design, and overall atmosphere is amazing. I liked Doom 2016 too, but I prefer the classic Dooms for gameplay and Doom 3 for atmosphere. Haven't played Eternal yet (potato laptop). 

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Of doom games I've only played the 4 iwads and some of Doom 64. Doom 64 is neat but there's something just I dunno, uncanny about it, plus I don't have a tone of experience with it so it can't really be my favorite. Based on just the game alone, Final Doom, but you see technically I mostly play Doom 2 so I gotta say Doom 2.

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Plutonia; 1&2 is for basic folks, tnt is boring. So that leaves plutonia as something that catches my fancy in terms of megawads; maybe the atmosphere is what makes me like it.

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DOOM Eternal


DOOM 2 - Hell on Earth

Final DOOM

DOOM 2016


Ultimate DOOM


I don't give a damn about DOOM 3, DOOM 64 is the true DOOM 3 here

And yeah, DOOM Eternal is my favourite DOOM game

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1. Doom 2

2. Doom Eternal + DLCs

3. Ultimate Doom

4. Plutonia Experiment

5. Doom 2016

6. Doom 3's expansions

7. Base Doom 3

8. TNT Evilution


There are a couple of mods I would list above all of these, like Eviternity and Golden Souls 2, but I won't get into that. Overall though, I've enjoyed every Doom game Id has produced so far, and believe the variety of gameplay styles offered in them gives the franchise a nice bit of freshness.

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in the classic series, 2

in the reboots, eternal


 i enjoyed the base game of eternal more but i can keep myself entertained longer with doom 2 because if mods n shit 

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I love TNT, I like for the most part Doom 1 and 2, the same with FreeDoom, I've played the master levels and I like some of them, I hate Plutonia and I haven't played the rest

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