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(RELEASE) Doom: The Way We Remember It (V2)

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E4M3 is broken in easy mode. The blue skull key does not spawn, making the level impossible to beat in easy mode.


Is this an oversight, or something else?

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Had a blast with this (finished e1 in one go). Everyone remembers something else, and It's funny when you're pushing against some wall thinking "hey, how didn't you remember that . And the cow on e1m7, I must be getting old. Now playing e2, and e2m2 is quite the chaotic map as it seemed to me back in the day, even more as I know the original very well after warming up with berserk so many times...

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I'm halfway through episode 1 and this is one of the most interesting WADs I've seen in a while, where to play it is to feel like you're going slightly mad :) It really makes you very aware of what you're expecting to see next - everything's just about there, and you second-guess yourself as to whether your own memory is wrong. At the extreme ends of the scale, it's interesting to see the details that I thought of as really iconic that the map authors overlooked (like the rotating tekwall armour platform in E1M1, and then the ceiling of the same map's second room) and the ones where I recognize that I would probably have forgotten about the detail if I'd done the map myself.


In fact, I was really interested by how E1M1 is turned 90 degrees from its original incarnation - obviously it wasn't made by someone who's been playing for 30 years and knows the floor plan by heart. I'm imagining that it turned out that way because our brains tend to think of north = forward progress?

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Posted (edited)
On 8/11/2021 at 9:39 AM, Engired said:

I've updated it though. As far as I know episode 4 is one of the better ones but maps like CBM's may be broken in one way.

I Will need  a bug report to fix any issues


On 8/12/2021 at 8:44 AM, GarrettChan said:



Funny that you told me E4M4 could be broken, but E4M4 is just weird and there are some inaccessible items and stuff, but it can be done. Though E4M5, the whole world is broken. You probably need to fix all those lifts...




UV pistol starts without saves

Port: DSDA-Doom v0.19.7 -complevel 3

Total IGT: 3:21:08

Personal Difficulty Evaluation: 0.5 (out of 5; 0.5 = Ultimate Doom Ep4)

Personal Rating: 4.5 (out of 10)


Sorry, can't rate any higher than this because of lots of problems... I get the idea that not everybody can remember the maps clearly. On the other hand, because there are already wild examples like E1M7, then why not fill the gameplay according to your own style? For real, if the map connects differently than the original but it has cool gameplay, then it's a cool map nonetheless. However, there are quite a handful of maps where they just have big empty rooms without too many things going on, so maybe that's the idea of TNT how we remember :P


E1 is definitely the best one out there because it's finished, and the structure doesn't really go to anything crazy or over simplified. I guess everybody loves Episode 1 heh. That E1M7 surprise is fine by me, but gameplay wise definitely needs some thoughts to it instead of randomly putting things... I had the most fun out of Episode 1.


E2 is not too bad as most of the maps are represented properly to an extent. I get some of the maps are super confusing to remember (eg: E2M5), but there's no excuse to not have a more balanced and interesting game play. E2M5 is a very good example that there are way too many Barons, but you're not given enough tools to deal with them.


E3 is the worst in quality. A few maps are way too over simplified. E3M5 is a weird one because the basic structure are there and the details are nice. However, the north side is completely cut off from the rest and you can't use door to navigate from the east side to west side, so you have to go all around every single time, which make the gameplay super tedious. Kinda sad that E3 has the highest variance where some good maps are drowned among the bad ones.


E4 has similar quality compared to E2. E4M4 went way too over board in terms of structure design.




Some higher quality maps in the set:


E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E2M7*, E3M2, E3M5, E3M6, E4M2, E4M6, E4M8


*maybe good? I just don't feel good without a E2 map in there.

There are no inaccessible items in e4m4




Some nonessential items are being shown to the Player but require the Player to find secrets to Access them


Also the original e4m4 really needed Some more details and less brown


On 8/15/2021 at 10:43 PM, Vaeros said:

Well... I have some mixed opinions about the execution of this project. maybe a bit of supervision/playtesting or giving some feedback to Mappers could have been great before it's release, I guess that was Lead's job after all... I've found a lot of issues in some maps in my first playthrough (at least in the old version of this wad) broken lifts, doors and other weird stuff... Can't remember what maps were exactly, I think it was E3M1 and E3M9, some others from E4. I just hope those issues were fixed in the latest version.


I totally agree with what GarrettChan said, I'm not the one to judge other's people mapping skills or memory but it's true that some maps were just too simplified and poorly made, some are just completely different and has nothing to do with the original layout like E2M2 or E4M4... Cyberdemon and cacos in E1M7...? can't really say if it that was done in purpose or not. lmao Anyways... I don't care how overly detailed or Vanilla-ish had to be but I expected a bit of polishing or balancing at least...


Overall, to my experience... I had a lot fun making and memorizing a map from the original doom, I think it was a neat idea for a project like this. Some maps were actually fun to play... some are not. Well, Enjoy what it is... Good luck with the sequel!


Also I've found a typo in the title of my map, you put ''Waster'' instead of ''Waste''. 

If you compare the layout of the real e4m4 and mine then it is Pretty obvious that my e4m4 is inspired by the original e4m4


In general:


I never tested the level in all the sourceports, just GZDoom


The level is a tad confusing on purpose Because thats what I Think the original e4m4 was


I Think I gave it a good shot and used a lot of time and energy on the level


I never got any actual bug reports (not being able to find a Secret or two is not a bug)

Edited by CBM

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Posted (edited)
52 minutes ago, GarrettChan said:


Are you sure...?


quite sure, I dont remember any version of the map that had stuff placed with the caco that couldnt be reached? (I am looking at a newer version of the map here though, it also has stuff in place to guide players to the keys and skull switches, I added it below)





Edited by CBM

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1 minute ago, GarrettChan said:

Anyway, not if I care TBH, it's in one of those 4 corners in the hallway. That corpse is there because I used TNTEM, not really you'll kill a Caco there.

ok, well if it is in there I need to find it... just the only place with a caco that fits your screenshot is in the hallway at the bars


here is a map view of the area from the e4m4 you were playing



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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, GarrettChan said:

@CBMEdited the previous post. The thing is there.

ahhh ok... I was in the wrong place...sorry - thanks for pointing it out


its fixed now..






please replace e4m4 with this version (it is a few more steps away from the original e4m4, but it guides the player better to the essentials... also I only had lava to use as a yellow guide marker, thus those lava spots are not damaging - doom 1s texture selection is extremely limited):






the ramp edition of this map also has this 'issue', it does have slightly better textures though since its a doom 2 map in Ramp 


It is otherwise similar to the above map


I  cant Remember if this particular map has jump enabled in ramp


but people can just enable jump themselves and jump on the platform instead


or alternatively you can enable jump in this  map in Ramp if it isnt already enabled


however ramp is final as it is so I think people must just enable jump themselves in the ramp edition of this map or do without the two items

Edited by CBM

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I've updated my levels so it will actually work. I'm planning to do a definitive version to go alongside the doom 2 from memory, where I get all the maps balanced, and the soundtrack included.

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22 hours ago, Engired said:

I've updated my levels so it will actually work. I'm planning to do a definitive version to go alongside the doom 2 from memory, where I get all the maps balanced, and the soundtrack included.

Hallo , this work is really awesome and I am really enjoying it also I am playing using the doom 3 for doom texture mod to give to it an extra touch .Where did you upload the v2 ? in the first post ? thanks!

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Awesome idea and excellent development.
Congratulations for everyone.
PS: I'll included it on my app Hakros Doom Launcher at next release.
Greetings and thanks for share it !

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Been amusing to see how much this project has been getting ripped on in Decino's comment sections, even by Decino himself. I mean, I arguably played myself by picking the worst level in the game to remake, but my E3M1 at least looks like the original IMO. It was made from memory after all.

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Posted (edited)

My friend let me know that in E2M6 you can get stuck in the fake exit room, if you circle around and then drop back into the room for the soulsphere or whatever. The barrier between the red tech scrolling textures room and the room with the yellow key should probably open up after you leave with the key the first time. What is even the point of that barrier, it's not blocking you in with a fight.

Edited by Doom_Dude

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14 hours ago, Julia Nechaevskaya said:

Traveling Cyberdemon on E1M7 is absolutely iconic moment. Really nice project, thanks everyone for the efforts!


As a level on its own, I too thought it was great. In the spirit of this project, I couldn't think of anything more out of place as there are exactly 0 Cyberdemons in Episode 1.

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E4M4. In GZDoom. The yellow door doesn't open. The floor and ceiling of the door sector (1406) are higher than the adjacent sectors, so action 137; S1 Door Open Yellow fast, doesn't activate the door. The door should have it's ceiling and floor lowered to 90 to match the adjacent sectors. Also there's two tiny lines next to the door that have the same action, which isn't needed at all.

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On 8/19/2021 at 2:57 AM, Engired said:

I'm planning to do a definitive version to go alongside the doom 2 from memory, where I get all the maps balanced, and the soundtrack included.


Great to hear.


Sometime I need to get my map updated, as I somehow placed a random green torch in front of the switch that raises the floor to the yellow key. (Don't ask, I have no idea how that happened)


I also didn't realize we were supposed to give our maps names (whoops), I guess you can call mine "Imperfect Love".

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