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Sambo J

Sandy Petersen (How I Kill My Children)

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I've been watching Sandy Petersen's youtube channel "Sandy of Cthulhu" recently and he has quite a lot of stories to tell!

A lot of people here may already know that one of the original Doom designers has his own youtube channel, but there could be people that aren't aware of it.


I highly recommend checking it out. He provides some amazing first-hand insight into game development that is invaluable to anybody wanting to enter the gaming industry. He talks about everything from "being the only person that would help John Carmack's obsession with porting Doom to Atari Jaguar" to "American McGee having his drink spiked with PCP on a night out with NIN, Pantera and id software staff"


It's pretty clear that his religious beliefs have no interference with his imagination, one of his videos is titled "How I Kill My Children" in relation to being forced to delete interesting map ideas or alter them to invalidate their original functions. Which is something pretty much every Doom mapper experiences at some point.

His channel is gold for all Doom players & we're lucky to have it.

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