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Looking for the most detailed maps/wads/mods

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After finishing "Knee Deep in ZDoom" twice already, i am looking for more in the same style. Complex looking, stupidly detailed, huge maps.


KDIZD is a megawad but i'm also looking for standalone maps. There is a E1M3 map remake in this forum that also looks very close to a KDIZD map. Another good one i played is "Hurt".


So, anyone who tried these examples know what i'm talking about.

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Sunder, obviously.



Though if what you are looking for is more relaxed in difficulty, Eviternity, Ar Luminae and Valiant fits the bill well.


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12 minutes ago, TasAcri said:



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Posted (edited)

These are vanilla, and they use micro detailing as no other.
I didn't see this kind of detailing not even on limit removing or boom mapsets, so it really surprise me to found something like this.

Two ZDoom exlusive mapset i found to be neatly detailed and really atmospheric are Cold as Hell, probably a good mesh of military tactical action FPS games a la Call of Duty, with survival horror and good Dooming action, and Winter's Fury, cinematic doom and really challenging.




And for last, check the latest Doomer Boards Project.
Its soo detailed that you wouldn't believe that its not a new game.


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Posted (edited)

Hellbound is an awesome Megwad



Foursite is one of the largest single vanilla maps ever made



This one UACVRPBR is large and fun single map.



Firetop Mountian for GZdoom is a single map that has good laughs and great detail



Lost Civilization is a 20 map megawad with some of the most stunning visuals found in Doom Mapping.



Jeffery Harvey's Castle Pack is a really amazing piece of work too. 6 single maps in one file.



And almost forgot about this techincal marvel.



There's also the often overlooked Freedoom phase 1 and Freedoom phase 2. Both are some of the best.


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And in the forgotten mods you also asked for; time for shameless self-promotion again:

I like to think its pretty detailed as heck!

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