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Disturbed Mansion.wad.

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Nice little map considering the short time speedmapping time you worked on it.
You could get very dead in there if not on your toes.

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5hfifty said:

Just played it then. Lots of surprise attacks. :P Nice level, if not a bit small.

Hey thanks 5hfifty, it's no great map but for four hours work it plays quite well imo. Just d/ling zuac2 to look atm.:)

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Opulent said:

harder than hell! damn you. :)

Heh, that's the first impression you'll get but suss it out and think about it a little and you'll see it's relatively easy.:)

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Black Void said:

I can never beat your levels! Doesn't matter how much I try, doesn't matter if I play on "I'm to young to die", I NEVER WIN!

Sorry, I'm gonna make an easier map soon. My CChest map06 is my easiest yet and map29 is looking tough. Here's a loose max demo showing magikal.supanet.com/magikal-dist.zip]disturbed Legacy 1.40.

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