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DBP Demo Thread

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DBP14: After the Fall map 08 UV-Max in 2:55




EDIT: I just realized I used the 180 key just once but the demo was recorded before this ruling. Up to ya'll obviously whether it's non-TAS.

Edited by DOEL : typo

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25 minutes ago, kmc said:

MAP17 Pacifist in 0:22 dbp3717p022.zip

The shoot switch and invuln rocket jump finesse, all while monsters are romping around.  I wouldn't have figured this route out.  One of my favorite maps of all time.  Cool.

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DBP42: Slime on Earth (new entry)


Map01 UV Max in 1:12.69 dbp4201-11269.zip https://youtu.be/COLRRJXrNr4

Map02 UV Max in 1:17.40 dbp4202-11740.zip https://youtu.be/zO3S5BH-ZGg

Map03 UV Max in 5:19.40 dbp4203-51940.zip

Map04 UV Max in 3:50.31 dbp4204-35031.zip


Did this a while ago. Funny wad with some different mechanics (no hitscanners, but no infighting as well...). Not sure I'll do more (even if a D2All would be rather short, it's like only 6 or 7 maps).

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