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[TIME IS UP!] Literalism - A Boom-compatible CP where we do things by the map title

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Alright, an update:




Added some Imps to the final fight, they teleport mid-fight so you need to quickly thin out the main force at the front door. Also, changed music to MIDI (minormeef by @Fookerton). Still no difficulties besides UV, but that should be easy enough. Also lowered the upper shelf in the final room.


EDIT: Oh and, load with d1gfxd2.wad for UDooM textures.


Edited by Pechudin

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Name: Acid Road (how creative)

Coop implemented

Deathmatch: I seen there one deathmatch start, not sure about more

Textures are taken from 96 KB resource pack + my shadow warrior resize/recolour of spider web: grass4,5

Difficulty settings: maybe

Play time: can be finished in 3 minutes but might probably take longer

Description: features flooded road that turns into slippery acid road that doesn't hurt


https://www.dropbox.com/s/0c9o2oqgkiq45pj/SilverMiner - Acid Road.wad?dl=1

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@SilverMiner Feedback for your map:

  • Decent visuals, good texture usage overall and some nice detail work. The pseudo-3D switch was an especially cool touch.
  • The open layout is otherwise fine, but some more landmarks to aid navigation wouldn't go amiss.
  • Gameplay is fine, albeit pretty easy. There's plenty of room for upping the challenge in the first half in particular. Also, the Invuls in the second half almost completely trivialize its challenge - there doesn't need to be as many of them as there were.
  • SUGGESTION: The box-pushing mechanic needs to be telegraphed better. I was stuck in the map for half of my 15-minute run with it because I couldn't make any sense of the progression until I randomly humped the box that granted me access to the blue key. Something like an arrow on the ground would go a long way towards saving players their time and sanity.
  • BUG: Crashes with the error message "R_TextureNumForName: FIREBLU4 not found" when trying to launch the wad in PrBoom+.

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Map name: Walking Lava

Author: RonnieJamesDiner

Play time: 10-15 mins on UV

Music: "Compulsion", from Mayhem 18 (by Jimmy)

Textures: See CREDITS.txt included in zip

Difficulty settings: Yes

Coop: Yes (no extra monsters)

Deathmatch: No


Description: The whole thing started with the loose concept of "climbing up lava falls to reach a central tower", and eventually became what it is. Not a very long or difficult map, but the final fight can be a bit spicy. 


Tested in dsda-doom (complevel 9), and gzdoom. 

For any gzdoomers, the recommended light mode is "vanilla".


Download: Updated version is posted here

Edited by RonnieJamesDiner

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@RonnieJamesDiner Feedback for thee:

  • Absolutely gorgeous visuals, as expected.
  • While the general progression is quite linear for the most part, the open layout is a joy to navigate and does a good job of keeping the player on their toes in conjunction with the gameplay.
  • Speaking of the gameplay, it's very fun (for the most part)! The battles have a good amount of bite to them, and I love how you essentially turned the map title into a gameplay mechanic - there's a good bit of pressure with traversing through the lava as quickly as possible. And the AVs up on the "central" tower are another fun way of pressuring the player in the first half. Not so much in the final battle - there they became more of an annoyance.
  • SUGGESTION: It's possible to fall off below during the final battle. The edges of the arena should be blocked off somehow. (Thanks for the reminder, @SCF.)
  • No bugs caught.
Edited by MFG38

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13 hours ago, RonnieJamesDiner said:

Map name: Walking Lava


Fantasic level, especially the environments. My only gripe is that you can fall off during the last battle and it's guaranteed death in the lava sea. Also, I died to one of the archviles at the end, and the cyberdemons before that teleported in differently the second time. First time the second appeared shortly after other (right in my face too), the second time the other one didn't appear until much later.


I struggled a bit by the last fight because I stupidly assumed you could only grab the radsuits by going all the way up onto the revenant platform and then dropping down. That's entirely my fault, but it seemed more interesting when I felt forced to go up there and deal with the revenants. Once I realized my mistake I found I could just stay below and shoot them from relative safety as they walked up to the edge.

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Here's map 18 for testing.  Relevant textures are included in the wad.


Map name: Silent Sanctum
Author: Salmon
Play time: 6-12 minutes
Music: Simple Solutions by Mark Klem (STRAIN map 06)
Textures: OTEX v1.1
Difficulty settings: Yes
Coop: Player starts only atm
Deathmatch: No


Description:  An atmospheric map centered around trap-based encounters.  For the "silent" part, I made the map entirely set pieces and tried to give the impression you're disturbing a hidden space.  For the "sanctum" part, I guess there were a lot of different ways I could have gone.  But I'm sure everyone will agree that my choice of an underground spaceship church for goth aliens was the most obvious pick.


Silent Sanctum v1.0 (in map slot 18)






I don't typically make this sort of map so any feedback is welcome and appreciated.  If you want to record a demo or a video I'll happily watch it.  Thanks, y'all.

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Map name: Crippling Vestiphobia

Author: Muumi

Play time: 15 minutes

Music: Simple Solutions by Mark Klem

Textures: cc4-tex, sky from mek' box o skies (BUBLSKY6), two cloth textures and another texture made by me (all named MUUMI*)

Difficulty settings: yes (uv is hard)

Coop: no

Deathmatch: no 

Description: ez theme, ez life. Welcome to the clothing themed nightmare.


crippling_vestiphobia_v2.zip REQUIRES cc4-tex






Edited by muumi

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1 minute ago, Salmon said:

Music: Simple Solutions by Mark Klem (STRAIN map 06)



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Thanks for the feedback @MFG38 and @SCF. Glad to hear it was bug free and mostly enjoyable.


I can add some teleports in case players fall off the plateau during the last fight, and I’ll tweak the Cyb teleports so they’re more consistent. Regarding the final wave of Archviles, was it the number of them or just the general placement that seemed annoying? 

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@Salmon Feedback for your map:

  • Great visuals overall, and the atmosphere is on-point. You really seem to have an affinity for making maps with strong atmospheres, and I whole-heartedly approve of it.
  • The general layout is pretty good, if somewhat "backtracky". That's not a big problem in a map of this size, though.
  • Nice hectic gameplay. The final battle arena was especially cool with the pressure from the Pinkies, making me think when exactly to use the Rocket Launcher. I am curious whether that was a conscious design choice or not - obviously you're not going to want to use the RL when there's a Pinky right in your face, but maintaining a safe enough distance from them can get pretty tricky as well.
  • No bugs caught.

@muumi And for yours:

  • Visually, the map is nothing short of magnificent. Texture usage was great, lighting was nice, and I loved the subtle visual humor at display on occasion. Not to mention the detail work. It's the kind of Muumi attention to detail I've come to expect.
  • Layout is nicely non-linear, providing a good sense of exploration but never becoming confusing. I found my way around with relative ease.
  • Gameplay is fun for the most part, with the aforementioned sense of exploration and lots of nicely challenging combat scenarios. The penultimate battle was pretty much the only one I wasn't a big fan of - it felt too crowded to be dealt with efficiently without a BFG. The AV in the final battle room was also a bit too much.
  • No bugs caught.
43 minutes ago, RonnieJamesDiner said:

Regarding the final wave of Archviles, was it the number of them or just the general placement that seemed annoying? 


Sort of a combination of both, but I think their placement was the slightly bigger annoyance for myself. Having to press up against the stairs as the only cover, especially in combination with the Cyberdemons, was very detrimental to my enjoyment of that particular combat scenario. Unless there is more cover and I overlooked it like an idiot. :P

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@MFG38, thanks for the feedback.  I think theming/atmosphere is what I'm best at in mapping so I'm glad to hear you say that.  I agree about the backtracking.  I try to loop back to key doors more organically after picking up keys but I wasn't able to do that with this map.


And yeah, the RL thing with the pinkies was a conscious design choice.  I felt it was the best weapon to take them out but the fact that they're advancing on you creates a sort of timer to kill them efficiently.  I enjoy balancing that sort of tension in fights.

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@MFG38 Thanks for feedback. Good to hear you liked the visuals and details, I like to think that I have improved with both. Yeah, I agree, penultimate fight might have went bit overboard. Ill see if I should make some space there. AV in final fight comes at the very end when everything should be pretty dead, I added him as bit of troll :)

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2 hours ago, Salmon said:

Here's map 18 for testing.  Relevant textures are included in the wad.


Map name: Silent Sanctum



Nice, fun map, not much that I wanted comment on. Maybe doesn't capture the spirit of the name as well as some other maps, but I think you'd be hard pressed to make a silent Doom map anyway. Continuing my streak of silly misunderstandings, I caught a glimpse of the berserk secret through the gap and thought it was a red light indicating a shootable switch. And because the gap is so narrow I kept trying because I thought my shots were just slightly off. And then I found the actual way to get it...


2 hours ago, muumi said:

Map name: Crippling Vestiphobia



When I saw the name I thought there wasn't a whole lot you could do with that in a Doom map, but you've definitely proven me wrong. Some great detail and unsettling decorations. I arrived at the penultimate fight with 0 rockets and 0 cells which wasn't great, but once you get a little space it's not so bad. I had more trouble with the last fight, but I think it was well designed (although I agree the final archvile might be excessive). Wondering how much variation there is with the spider mastermind. In my case the second one killed all the revenants for me and I had to kill the third one myself. Thankfully I still had enough cells left or that could've been a pain.



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Reminder to participating mappers that you have one week left to make your maps!

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Whew, quadruple feature! I'm lagging behind quite a lot lol.

On 8/6/2021 at 8:44 AM, RonnieJamesDiner said:

Map name: Walking Lava

LITERALISM: YES. There's a lot of walking in lava. Or the fact that the lava can already walk and heal others?

ACTUAL REVIEW: As expected from your maps, this one too is stunning, both in gameplay and visuals. The absurd amount of lava present makes the map seems vast. Combined with the varied heights, it makes you feel like traversing a mountain while blowing demons up - a sense of adventure, but not so much that you'd easily get lost.

I especially adore the chain and grass midtexes (IIRC the grass midtex was also in your Mayhem20 map). Those textures, although small details, contribute greatly to the overall looks and feels of the map itself.

The gameplay is pretty tame as advertised, until that big showdown at the lava temple with lots of revenants, imps and tomatoes - I died a lot. One suggestion to improve this arena would be adding some blocking bars on the revenant platform to make shooting them from below a bit harder, as at one point everyone on there just grouped together at the edge, trying to attack me to no avail while I just kept pumping rockets to their faces.

The final batch of archviles near the exit might need some fine-tuning as well. With all the covers present after I killed everyone, they more or less served as merely a hindrance. Perhaps have at least one teleport alongside the Cybies.

Unfortunately, due to my shitty Doom skills, I can't upload a gameplay footage for your map. Maybe later :( 8.5/10, the exit is a perfect happy accident.



19 hours ago, muumi said:

Crippling Vestiphobia

LITERALISM: KIND OF? Crippling a lot of finely blood-soaked-cloth zombies may count for this one. I'm just glad I did not have to see anyone naked alive.


Except maybe the caco and its back hole.

ACTUAL REVIEW: This is one of the first maps that did not quite pass my LITERALISM quality mark! That aside, it's really fun, might be suitable for an earlier slot due to its relaxing difficulty. Techbase, killing zombies, all that good stuff. Very fast-paced, texture work is clean and overall nice balancing of health and ammo.

My only real criticism about this map is the lack of weapon variety. You have the shotgun and your drugged fingers as the starring offensive weapons. And that's it. The fact that zombies are rampant (in an attempt staying true to the map name) make punching kind of risky. Coupled with the many shells lying around, shotgun is the obvious premiere choice. There's a lot of bullets lying around here, so why not add a chaingun in place of the berserk pack?
9/10, glad that this map is safe for work.


19 hours ago, Salmon said:

Silent Sanctum

LITERALISM: For a sanctum that claims to have defining tranquility, there's a lot of noisy and hostile residents - you are already greeted by immoral hosts at the entrance with absolutely no etiquette.  So... NO.

ACTUAL REVIEW: While this map might be the actual first one that isn't quite true to the title, everything else is excellent! The overall green color palette presented throughout the entire level and the design gives the map a distinctive feel of an actual sanctum, and there's indeed parts where everything is relatively calm and atmospheric. But not enough, unfortunately.

Gameplay's fairly great, tough but fair. Some commentary:

  • It seems like the map present a fork path of what key to take first, and does not mind the choice. This is a pretty cool design decision, as it helps increasing the replayability of the level (albeit just a little). I do think that the armor in the fork is a little bit redundant though, considering the megasphere you'd get later on and the already generous health.
  • The red key portion present a nice challenge of enemy prioritization - a PE among muscular Hell Knight, with the supporting Revenant and Imp troopers behind your back. Getting out and staging infights was rather nasty, as the small entrance can easily bottleneck you and your foes' movements - forcing you to directly confront some of them to make room for escape. My only complaint about this section was that the archvile basically served as merely a harmless viewer, and wasn't actually doing anything during my run. Instead of caging him, a more preferable option could be letting him running around, guarding the entrance the moment you get out from it.
  • The red+blue key arena was nice, the ammo balance is just right and the pacing forces you to be on constant movement at the precise time.
  • Same with the final arena - mancubis as turrets, with a bunch of pinkies as fodder provide a great gameplay dynamic. I do think that archviles can spawn in after you get the red key, instead of the moment you get on the mancubus pedestal.

That's all I have to say about the level. 8.5/10; not enough LITERALISM.

(Video might be unavailable at the time of writing)

On 8/3/2021 at 7:18 PM, DynamiteKaitorn said:

A Lake



A lake is an area filled with water, localized in a basin, surrounded by land, apart from any river or other outlet that serves to feed or drain the lake.[1] Lakes lie on land and are not part of the ocean, although like the much larger oceans, they form part of Earth's water cycle. Lakes are distinct from lagoons which are generally coastal parts of the ocean. They are generally larger and deeper than ponds.

According to Wikipedia standards, this map and every of its standards perfectly fits the bill.

=> YES.


A lake! id Tech 1 shenanigans yet again left little room for realistic detailing, as evidenced in the surrounding terrain. Though you did as best as you could, so no complain right there - everything actually looks pretty cute to my eyes - down to the little details of the little islands! I quite like the nighttime theme used here.

There's really nothing that hasn't been said about gameplay already - the scale of the map doesn't go well with the enemies and pickups present, making the experience rather easy.

I met a Cyberdemon, and the nearby hidden BFG took him away with no problem - perhaps reposition him a bit near a huge setpiece?

An example of problematic enemy pacing: I took a stroll around the lake, and my babies are already looking hungry:



Tweaks to the rocket and cells ammo pickups, plus better enemies scattering on higher difficulties seem better imo.

However if this map is in an early game slot instead, I'd not mind - the atmosphere gives the impression gameplay is meant to be easy anyway :) 8/10, I guess.

Edited by TheNoob_Gamer : I played the wrong map

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38 minutes ago, muumi said:

@TheNoob_Gamer o_O i think you played wrong level

No? Your wad requires cc4-tex, and I just happened to load it last.

Unless the texture pack contains some sort of levels messing up load order though...

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1 minute ago, muumi said:

yep, i guess its replaced my level

ah fuck... my apologies.

Well then, consider my feedback irrevelant for now lol, no wonder I hardly found any clothing.

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Okay, final version. Thanks to @FrancisT218 for playtesting.


Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/akbaistaj8tlx1c/burning_dungeon.zip?dl=0



1) Moved around some lines (traps were skippable)

2) Made the map ZDooM-friendly (for some reason line action 248 did not work in ZDooM)

3) Difficulties implemented

4) Miscellaneous texture fixes


That should be it. Feedback?

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@SCF, thanks for the feedback!  I agree that I didn't do the best job with the name.  I think my safest bet would have been to make a puzzle map with no monsters but I'm no good at that.  I spent several days working on a gimmick stealth map but it required some precisely timed triggers that I never got working consistently enough.  That map also had monsters that needed to be killed (albeit often with crushers) which isn't exactly silent either.  Ultimately Silent Sanctum is a good title that someone else could have made a fun concept map out of but I'm really just a "shoot the demons" kinda guy.


@TheNoob_Gamer, thanks for the feedback and video!  The video title is great--my above comments to SCF definitely apply here.  I always appreciate in-depth comments so this is good stuff.  I tend to make maps that are a bit easier on UV than a lot of people would like because I'm honestly not the best player.  I try to make up for that by focusing on other stuff like atmosphere, intensity of combat, etc.  I'll test out your suggestions and see if I want to include them in a future version.

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Map 24 Breaking Walls


Map name: Breaking Walls

Map slot:24 (currently still in slot 1!)

Author: Pistoolkip

Play time: 20-30 minutes

Music: Growling Belly - JD Herrera - TNT Midi pack

Textures: RSky2 (Doom2 default)

Difficulty settings: yes

Coop: Untested

Deathmatch: no 

Description: With over a 100 breakable walls, what do you expect? Break some walls, break some bones!

The map consists of several interconnected areas: a demolition site, a construction site, an abandoned mansion, and finally, we traverse under the highway to an industrial site for the explosive finale.

There's also 14 secrets to find, including a special gift if you can collect all 6 keys. 


Edit v17:

Fixed three soft-locks that could get players stuck behind crates on a none-shootable wall. 


Edit v16:

Fixed two texture misalignments

Removed place where player can get stuck behind crate, creating a short cut that also works without needing to jump



Edit v15:

Added some additional decoration
Added some enemies to final battle
Made some changes to increase player pathfinding

Put some more enemies on platforms
Fixed some bugs



Edit v14:

Added 2 more secrets

Added a second solution to mansion

Changed library room in mansion

Improved the Demon pit trap

Added guidance to prevent players from being lost

Slightly increased amount of ammo

Added some armor & health bonusses to reward exploration

Upgraded some textures

Added some additional lighting and details

Slightly increased the number of breakable walls










Demolition Site



Demolition Site



2038681987_BreakingWalls10Construction.png.631f5bf7e87ce9c4d16c826cf59df14d.pngConstruction Site






Abandoned House. 





Industrial Site























Edited by Pistoolkip : update v17

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7 hours ago, Pistoolkip said:

The map consists of several interconnected areas: a demolition site, a construction site, an abandoned mansion, and finally, we traverse under the highway to an industrial site for the explosive finale.

I assume this version is mostly layout-finished?

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