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90's wads thread

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You can put any wad from 1994 to 1999 here, just tell what it is called and give small description, and the wad in zip or rar file, obviously.





A 1995 mapset consisting of small levels that look like your average 90's wad



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A little 1996 7 maps wad.
Awesome puzzley maps with a great challenge, a really funny story, and good mapping.

Only bad is that is too short.

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Posted (edited)

This wad comes from France

L'angoisse Supràme v1.5  (The Supreme Anguish)

A 1996 five levels wad with Wolf 3D textures (Map04).Wide areas and many monsters.



Edited by thestarrover

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I played Fava Beans (April 1995) for the first time this year and was pretty shocked at how well it holds up. It's really freaking cool. Excellent E1 replacement with a lot of non-linearity, huge optional secrets/keys and progression sometimes, nice verticality which seemed really impressive for its time, etc.




It was interesting replaying No Rest for the Living again later this summer too and honestly, the first half of it felt like Fava Beans 2.0 in a way. Similar design ideas with a lot of the secrets/optional keys, etc.

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