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The Last Stand (A Doom II Limit-Removing Map)

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Back with another map. Supposed to be a post-apocalyptic base of some sort. It's funny how I found this map kinda nice today, while I was trashing it for days straight, until I had the motivation to finish it.




Format: Doom 2/ Limit-removing

Source port: Tested with PrBoom+

Crouching: No

Jumping: No

Freelook: Not an obligation, and not a personal preference (I play with arrow keys only)

Contains: Couple of textures

Difficulty levels: No

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Short-Medium







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Fun little level, feel more like demons' last stand rather than yours with how relaxed the pacing is. Nothing really notable to talk about your visuals to gameplay (both are solid and complement each other well, as I've noticed from your levels). Progression can be unclear at times, but is helped by the relatively tame nature of the map.


I wish I understood how to get that rocket launcher with 2 surrounding yellow bars though.


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That was a fun little map. It was super fun just on HMP, though I don't know if you made different changes on the difficulties. 

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