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[WIP] CODENAME: Murderity | UDMF OTEX wad

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MAP03: -
MAP04: -



DESCRIPTION: This WAD is identified as a set of several short levels in UDMF with custom monsters. Use with OTEX texturepack. IWAD: DOOM 2. The name remains the same for now, but it will need to be changed. Ultraviolence is harder than Hurt me plenty. Play with GZDoom (Zandronum is okay, but map has some visual bugs with Zandronum).

DOWNLOAD: Murderity.zip

Edited by Armolitskiy

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Nice starter map, which hooks with corroded metallic textures and an ominous, gloomy illumination. I like the lighting design, notably in the roofed areas where the computer panels are located. Texture work is simple, yet atmospheric and viby, especially with right soundtrack, that I guess will come later.

Also, i like using of new monsters. Zombified marines are really evil on uv, and you have to use meatshield (thankfully, we have these zombies for that) tactic against, while trying to snipe them at the same time.


We also provided we some simple non-linearity, that I always appretiate. Main difficulty is coming from hitscanners, but it is not plutoniesque, where you just getting surrounded by chaingunners, here you're engaged in some sort of tactical combat. Ammo here is never a problem, but health is, tho we have helpful secret in our expose.


Overall, this map catched me, and I'm looking forward what this wad will be like in the end. Thanks for your work!

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1 hour ago, gdrzx said:

Overall, this map catched me, and I'm looking forward what this wad will be like in the end. Thanks for your work!

Thank you very much for your playtest and nice review. 

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I recently thought about what some maps should be like. I would really like to create some kind of castle (for a special boss - Cthulhu), as well as a place that looks like heaven (to use the heavenguards). In the meantime, I'm thinking about some interesting things that I could add to the WAD. Obviously, my design is not as bad as it could be, so I would like to focus on the various features. For example, interesting traps or mechanisms. 

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It looks nice, it looks like heaven. You could experiment with crushing floor combos, for more interesting work with polyobjects (moving walls) then make crusher. 

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