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Lab C-27 (A Doom II format map)

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Posted (edited)

WOW?! Two maps in a row?! So this is a map I made a while back I intentionally forgot to post here. So this is "Project C-27", a secret project to colonize the space object you're currently in. It all began in lab C-27, which has now been overrun by dark, invasive forces even to the native species of this planet. Despite the premises being evacuated, some unfortunate souls like you didn't make it on time. 


So this is a map that will be included in this very cool project I'm taking part in, I definitely suggest you to keep up with it and stay tuned: 







Format: Doom 2 (And yes, it works with THE og doom)

Source port: Tested with PrBoom+

Crouching: No

Jumping: No

Freelook: Not an obligation, and not a personal preference (I play with arrow keys only)

Contains: Couple of textures, sky texture from @DevilMyEyes

Difficulty levels: No

Difficulty: Easy

Length: Medium





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Posted (edited)

Absolutely fantastic level!  Played with Crispy on HMP - no deaths, all kills, just shy of 30min after looking for secrets.  Got 4/5, but couldn't figure out how to open what i believe to have been the last one, near exit.  Interesting and realistic layout with gritty aesthetics, detailing was to my liking too as it doesn't feel like anything's done up for eyecandy but there's a lot of variety and details where it matters.  Everything a bit more complex than Doom II but still very classic gameplay.  Also the difficulty on HMP was on point for me.  A good mix of exploration and combat.


Going towards the exit-area there's a room with crates that has some health potions, and one of them was sort of halfway through the floor.  Only small glitch i noticed.


EDIT: Damn, that's it - this really is like Doom3 layout-wise!  So long ago since i played it that i'd never have thought of that, but it's exactly that, it's so easy to imagine this map in that game with it's own visuals.  Really well done!  Only, i prefer this over Doom3 gameplay-wise, and graphically too tbh :P  Look forward to this Doom III project..

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12 minutes ago, Bobby “lolmcswagger” said:

Oh hey, these maps are familar...



...wait a minute

ruh roh


is this plagiarized?

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32 minutes ago, DevilMyEyes said:

Why didn't you ask me to put my sky into your map? It is not yours. 


Sorry updated the op to credit u


15 minutes ago, roadworx said:

ruh roh


is this plagiarized?

Nah we dont do that here



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16 minutes ago, Bobby “lolmcswagger” said:

No, it's some old submissions to a CP that I'm cooperating on, just that some of the textures and stuff are from that project and go uncredited

i'm pretty sure just the sky texture is not my own making. the rest are modified resources from doom 2 or downright copied from ultimate doom

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