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Dusty Hill The Bass Player For ZZ Top Has Died Today

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the bass player for zz top dusty hill has died today. apparently in his sleep. zz top is my uncles favorite band and its so sad too see their bass player go away. i only got to see them in concert once before his death. but it was one of the greatest i could have


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My first memory of ZZ Top was the song, "La Grange." Had no idea what it was about at the time, of course, me being so young. Still a damned good piece of music.


So long, Dusty. It's been a slice.

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Posted (edited)

I met Dusty Hill by happenstance once when I was a kid. Super chill dude. RIP.

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Yep, this is some sad news. I remember my friends brother driving us to school and we would bug him to put the Eliminator album on.

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