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Preview of my third map

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As the author of Nukage Plant and the Undedrgrouund Base, both DM maps, one in newstuff 107, other in 110, both with good reviews....

Well..I decided to tackle something a little bigger, architecture-wise.

Here is something I started a while ago, but finally got rid of mappers block today and started working on it. It's about a third to halfway done, but I just want to know if I'm going in the right direction, architecturally...


Yes, I know there are a lot of bronze textures, but I just found out how versitile they are. ^_^ Either way, I've got plans for the rest of the map, make a stairway on the left hall that is broken and leads through a tunnel full of water to the back room. The platform will lead to the main area of the back room as well, and the stairs I already have will lead to the switch in the courtyard, as well as branch off into the back room. (What will the back room look like? Remember the Q2CTF map Last Stronghold? I got some ideas from the flag rooms) The switch in the place that one can idclip to will work, and probably lower a big gun somewhere else in the arena.

Comments? (And again, this is a DM map as well. It's not finished, so you may need to idclip some places)

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I am unable to develop opinions yet. Hey don't forget to put some nice lighting in the room with the water.

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No images...stupid Tropod doesn't like image hosting, and Homestaed isn't cross-browser, which really pisses me off (I use Phoenix)

And if I have any more visplanes leftover, I'll create a light source in the water room. I was planning on it, but decided not to push my luck until I got more of the map done.

(Woah, I just realized that this was the 666th thread in the forum. Freaky)

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Looking pretty nice so far, and I agree with Epyo on putting nice lighting in the water room bit. :)

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