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Zone 400 demos [-complevel 2]

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Map 09 Pacifist in 2:03 z409p203.zip https://youtu.be/iShk1YPqcAE

Map 10 Pacifist in 1:16 z410p116.zip https://youtu.be/w-IpUAezMF8

Map 11 Pacifist in 1:17 z411p117.zip https://youtu.be/R4QEEsYwdVk

Map 12 Pacifist in 0:49 z412p049.zip https://youtu.be/vLZsjn0FnDU

Map 14 Pacifist in 0:58 z414p058.zip https://youtu.be/VHQjNhQ8DN4

Map 15 Pacifist in 0:40 z415p040.zip https://youtu.be/wM4T0pmTxLo

Map 15 (secret exit) Pacifist in 1:06 z415sp106.zip  https://youtu.be/nV-vz33829c

Map 32 Pacifist in 1:16 z432p116.zip https://youtu.be/FgkUfdIi-tI

Map 17 Pacifist in 0:32 z417p032.zip https://youtu.be/cS3p4CsNd0o

Map 18 Pacifist in 1:00 z418p100.zip https://youtu.be/ksokF18XsrE

Map 20 Pacifist in 1:05 z420p105.zip https://youtu.be/1tXASSjCYhA


Edited by Billa : added some more since uploader isn't running

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Map 21 Pacifist in 0:38 z421p038.zip https://youtu.be/iMXPxQACHxc

Map 22 Pacifist in 0:53 z422p053.zip https://youtu.be/vWJXHfhT0xM

Map 23 Pacifist in 0:27 z423p027.zip https://youtu.be/hcHTDhRg1q0

Map 26 Pacifist in 1:38 z426p138.zip https://youtu.be/c8qu_dousI4

Map 27 Pacifist in 2:58 z427p258.zip https://youtu.be/k617v3xSfnM

Map 28 Pacifist in 0:56 z428p056.zip https://youtu.be/UnYZj9A9y1A

Map 29 Pacifist in 1:58 z429p158.zip https://youtu.be/KhHlV5nvFn8


That's the first round of tablefills... 08, 13, 16, 19, 24, 25, 30 & 33 are left. Will take a second look at them later


Edited by Billa

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Map03 nomo in 0:28 z403o028.zip

Map04 nomo in 0:41 z404o041.zip 

Map05 nomo in 0:30 z405o030.zip

Map06 nomo in 0:28 z406o028.zip

Map07 nomo in 0:11 z407o011.zip

Map08 nomo in 0:36 z408o036.zip

Map09 nomo in 0:32 z409o032.zip

Map10 nomo in 0:37 z410o037.zip

Map11 nomo in 0:46 z411o046.zip

Map12 nomo in 0:32 z412o032.zip

Map13 nomo in 0:37 z413o037.zip

Map14 nomo in 0:42 z414o042.zip

Map15 nomo in 0:31 z415o031.zip

Map15secret exitnomo in 0:38 z415so038.zip

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Map16 nomo in 0:40 z416o040.zip

Map17 nomo in 0:27 z417o027.zip

Map18 nomo in 0:43 z418o043.zip

Map19 nomo in 0:56 z419o056.zip

Map20 nomo in 0:49 z420o049.zip

Map21 nomo in 0:30 z421o030.zip

Map22 nomo in 0:45 z422o045.zip

Map23 nomo in 0:24 z423o024.zip

Map24 nomo in 0:16 z424o016.zip

Map25 nomo in 0:49 z425o049.zip

Map26 nomo in 0:56 z426o056.zip

Map27 nomo in 0:45 z427o045.zip

Map28 nomo in 0:33 z428o033.zip

Map29 nomo in 0:46 z429o046.zip

Map30 nomo in 0:54 z430o054.zip

Map31 nomo in 0:18 z431o018.zip

Map31secretexit nomo in 0:32 z431so032.zip

Map32 nomo in 0:57 z432o057.zip

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Going to be re-filling the maxes since Bob's demos are marked dubious now. If anyone wants to join in it would be appreciated. Imagine not solely running meme categories


03 in 2:56 z403-256.zip https://youtu.be/QwbAMeOoYR8 

04 in 1:57 z404-157.zip https://youtu.be/DgVMOlB0-Rg 

05 in 2:20 z405-220.zip https://youtu.be/pc1CNE8aMg8

06 in 2:35 z406-235.zip https://youtu.be/jzlDlxOK55E


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this one was huge for me, very happy with the time despite knowing it can go much lower (i was being very safe near the end) 


map04 UV Fast in 2:17 - z404f217.zip

(also, can someone please let me know if its better to just edit previous posts or if i should keep making a new one per upload)

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On 2/23/2022 at 2:22 AM, Childe_Roland said:

(also, can someone please let me know if its better to just edit previous posts or if i should keep making a new one per upload)

Keep making new ones

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