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Call me stupid or whatever, I don't come to the MP forum much so sorry if this is a repeat question.

With the latest version of ZDoom (2.0 34.cab), is it possible to play co-op games over a LAN, particularly with Hexen? I can't find any help on Zdoom command line stuff for co-op, so any help would be .. err.. helpful :)

Also, is there a launcher that would let me do all this through a gui rather than command line? I've used ZDoom Launcher for years but it doesn't detect Hexen as a valid Wad file.

Please help!

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Hi "whatever", welcome to multiplayer! :)

Ultraviolet is correct. Also, I just checked to see that Hexen coop play is alive and well with 34.cab zdoom. All it takes to start the game is for the host to use
zdoom -host 2 -iwad hexen.wad
and the other player to use
zdoom -join (thehost) -iwad hexen.wad
Here, (thehost) is either the host's computer name on the LAN or the host's IP address. I keep it simple, my computer is named Biff so anyone joining simply uses -join Biff.

The -host command should include the total number of players, including the host, so -host 2 is NOT a three-player game. Actually, for a two-player game, you can just use -host without any number.

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Did you say thirty-FOUR or thirty-FIVE? Because I could have sworn you said 35.cab, not 34... because that's not the latest now... yeah...

Heh, I downloaded it at school today. Somebody had installed Doom95 and Evilution/Plutonia, but obviously had never heard of a *GOOD* source port before. :P

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