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Try to recreate Doom 2 from memory! (Community Project) (Mappers needed!)

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17 hours ago, RastaManGames said:

Awww, it was kinda pain to create a map for vanilla. I experienced classic bug with crash because of several lift sectors with tag 0.
Also, while testing i was in pain due to infinite tall actors, Mancubi fireball that hit me thru the wall that was kinda big (~48 units) and lost souls that spawned in the wall.
But, good or bad, here is my crappy & janky map!

MAP25: "Bloodbath". That name was on my tongue for few hours.
Difficulty Settings: Easy/Medium/Hard. I tried to make playthrough kinda interesting for each difficulty.
Multiplayer Mode: 4 player starts for cooperative and 16 player starts for deathmatch along with exclusive multiplayer-only items.
Tested With: Crispy Doom/GZDoom.

MAP25 On G.Drive


  Reveal hidden contents









Aw, you got the noclipping mancubus fireballs! Woo! It'll be fine. The map doesn't need to be the best, because if it was, people would doubt it was from memory!

Also, only 2 maps left! Woo!

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15 hours ago, Engired said:

I have heard nothing from @FranziskaVonCaco, so the slot is open until I hear something about it. I'll give the slot back if I can get an update, but it is starting to push it too far. Hopefully there's a backup of @Nuxius's map somewhere.  We only have those two maps left, and I think we don't have any or many songs left.

I'll take MAP14, and also, is the deadline not exist?

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2 hours ago, lokbustam257 said:

is the deadline not exist?




I suggest to read this thread a little.



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8 hours ago, lokbustam257 said:

I'll take MAP14, and also, is the deadline not exist?


Pretty much, now the deadline is just as soon as possible.

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We need to urgently wrap this up, I'm currently only waiting for @lokbustam257. Map 27 is also now open.

These maps need to be done in the next days, so we can get plenty of testing in before release.

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Dens of Memory.zip


Surprisingly, this map looks like the original MAP14 quite well, though it looks very boxy and has very repetitive texturing. (blame american mcgee for the repetitive texturing)


Name: Dens of Memory

Author: The guy who upload it

Release date: December 5, 2021

Map slot: MAP14

Port: Vanilla

Build time: from 9 AM to 6 PM, or 9 hours

Deathmatch: Deathmatch start only, not tested

Co-op: Yes, include co-op start and extra monsters and resources

Difficulty: Yes

Tested with: Chocolate Doom 3.0 (i think), Eternity Engine 4.02 Forseti


Also, I would like to rename MAP07 to "Simplest Dead".









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