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Creepy Videogame music thread

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My selection requires a bit of explanation. First, I'm choosing one track -- Hydrophobia, starting at 12:50 in the link below -- from a full OST for Project Osiris, an IWAD created by ArcturusDeluxe from the ZDoom forums. Project Osiris is a direct translation -- original maps and all -- of the 1995 Amiga FPS Alien Breed 3D. AB3D was arguably the most popular Amiga FPS, with the possible exception of Gloom, or my favorite, Breathless. AB3D had a true over-and-under 3D engine and deep liquids. Alas, in order to generate sales, it was made to play on a bog-standard A1200, which featured a 68EC020 CPU running at 14Mhz, and 2MB of Chip RAM. As a result, the graphics suffered mightily, and adding CPU accelerators and more RAM did little to improve them.


Project Osiris solves all of these problems, natch. So below is the OST link, and below that is a link to the DW thread on Project Osiris. I hope to map for it someday.




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Surprised no one dropped the obvious Alice track yet, given Civvie just released a video on the game, heh. Chris Vrenna is a genius.


My all-time favourite moody, unsettling piece of music is the pessimistic Terminator flashback-like theme from X-Com Apocalypse:


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D_TTLGLT and D_EVIL - lilith.pk3

Equinox MAP10 (the UFO)

Unnamed music in System Shock that plays in the east area of Medical and in the northeast corner of Research

vs. Kiru Guru Larva - Metroid: Zero Mission

All of the music from the finale of Earthbound is fantastic, though I think unfortunately and understandably The Cliff that Time Forgot and The Place are quickly forgotten by most people because of the grand spectacle that is Giygas.


I'm pretty annoyed I couldn't think of any more, and the only things I regard as creepy from my list is the music from lilith, the rest is just unsettling at best.

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Playing this game for the first time and hearing the classical music kick in made me think, "The fuck am I listening to?"

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A track that was recently mentioned in another thread sprung to mind immediately, "Pool of Tears" from American McGee's Alice:


Edit: I think plenty of Aubrey Hodges's dark ambient music qualifies.  This track is probably my favourite:


Edited by ENEMY!!!

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14 hours ago, TheNoob_Gamer said:

Dunno if this is suitable in this thread, but the original material is Doom-related and I kinda want to post it.

This song, featured in a Mario Creepypasta (apparently), is a heavily edited version of the track played in Alien Vendetta's MAP20: Misri Halek. 


  Hide contents



Very creepy must say, and I did listen to it and it actually sounded kinda similar to "Fight The Logic If You Can" or Misri Helek's music 

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I wanted to post "that one song" that plays in "that one section" of the game in Phantasy Star 4 (You know the one I'm talking about if you've played it). Sadly when I looked it up, the video contained major spoilers. Hence why I'm not referring to the song by name and just hoping people get which one I'm talking about. I'll just say as a hint that it's one that plays in what can be called one of the saddest scenes in the game.


Since I'll feel bad if I don't link some theme I'll pick this one as I find it kind of unsettling.



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On 8/3/2021 at 9:51 AM, P41R47 said:

The whole ost is a total mind rape, highly recommended even when the game may feel Off sometimes.



Sorry for the double post but what is this "Off" game about? Like I've never heard of this one at all and unlike the other games on here, I can't tell what genre it's supposed to be.

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1 hour ago, Zulk RS said:


Sorry for the double post but what is this "Off" game about? Like I've never heard of this one at all and unlike the other games on here, I can't tell what genre it's supposed to be.

Its an RPGMaker game made by some members of the French community.

It got translated to english, and the atmosphere and story is godlike.

No joking.

The music is one of the biggest aspects of the game, and the graphics, while simple at first, works on a way that takes you with the guard down.

It makes no sense at first, but the kafkaesque nature of the story, the strange things happening, the simple gameplay and the deeper highly psychological and metaphorical story that at the same time reminds to a kids fable is something that, even if not revolutionary gameplaywise, it should be experienced.


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