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Fight Scene

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Author's note: Wow! My first fanfic in Lord knows how long! :)

You stand in front of the gates to the castle, every fiber in your being rebelling against the untimely death to come. The Rocket Launcher in your hands quivers slightly. You've got several weapons on your person at the time being: An SSG (thank goodness), a Chaingun (thank goodness) and a Rocket Launcher (thank God in Heaven above!). You're loaded for bear; ammo fills your backpack and nearly overflows from it. The gates swing open without a sound. You step through them. The gates shut noisily. In front of you is the monstrous castle itself. Tall, composed of gray stone, also wide and forbidding. Two parapets are on either side of the castle, currently unmanned, thank God. The door to the caslte is huge, made of wood and metal. In the middle of the door is a satyr face, made of metal. The eyes on the door seem to you and glare.
The surroundings of the castle appear thus:
The courtyard you are in is very big, with a stone walkway leading to the caslte. Tall marble pillars line the sides of the walkway, casting long shadows behind them. The courtyard is ringed by a tall iron gate.
You approach the castle quietly, when a sound makes you spin around. It was nothing but the wind, your mind tells you frantically.
You know it couldn't be the wind.
You look around, when your eye catches something off to the side. It resembles a small pink tower with horns on top. In other words a Baron of Hell. Where he came from or why he appeared you don't know. He starts forward, a terrible bellow escaping his lungs.
You are appalled. The creature stands maybe 8 feet tall, much taller than you, and he appears to be basically solid muscle. He curls and uncurls his fists. He appears to be getting very angry.
He stomps towards, his hooves making the ground tremble beneath your feet, his small eyes glittering with demonic fury. You point the RL at the demon, your hands shaking. You run backwards, straight into one of the marble pillars. The demon approaches. If he gets too close, the chances of using that RL are nil. You toss the RL aside and whip out your chaingun. You commence firing just as he gets within 10 feet of you. The blast from the chaingun makes the demon utter a ear shattering roar of pain and fury. You continue firing, ignoring the demon's screams. You finally manage to drop the bastard, when suddenly you hear the sounds again. Monsters to randomly appear out of nowhere. Suddenly that castle door looks inviting. Just as long as you can get in out of this demonic storm. You start firing wildly in the damned crowd, backing up towards the castle...

To be continued...

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