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Doom: Hell on Earth 3.3

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Sin – Part 3


I had fought for several hours and left hundreds of demons killed.

The ruined city was shrouded in thick fog, making it harder to see what lay ahead. The fog was an unnatural yellowish color. I was in the middle of downtown. Lots of people had been caught off guard here when the demons first arrived. I could see rotting corpses and burnt skeletons wherever I looked. The skeletons had rotted bits of flesh on them. I saw several skeletons of kids near the ruined remains of a playground and I felt a sting somewhere in my otherwise hardened heart.

The places I had seen so far were places of destruction. Of chaos. Of death. Ruined buildings, cars that looked like they had been through the car breaker.

I took a few minutes rest. Ahead I could hear unnatural howling sounds. The demons were everywhere and I knew that taking a rest was very risky, but I needed it if I was going to Hell again. And that was indeed a possibility.

I wondered how my unlikely comrade was faring. Was he still alive? Or was he lying dead among the thousands of corpses already strewn throughout the streets of this ruined city?
I went through a thorough check of my weapons while thoughts went through my head.

If only I had one of those berserker syringes I found on Deimos. With one of these babies, ammo would be a far smaller problem

After completing the check I got up and continued the journey. I had learned that focusing all my energy on considering potential ambushes, traps and generally studying the environments carefully and taking precautions for possible encounters of demons could get my thoughts away from the maddened voices in my mind.

Thus I saw a former human soldier with an assault rifle at the same time it saw me, but my well-oiled reactions were much faster than his and I made it into cover before he could start firing at me. I came face to face with an imp, but before it could even hiss angrily at me, its disgusting brown body was reduced to a chunky mess caused by a point blank blast from the combat shotgun.

I kicked down a ruined door leading inside the ruin and rushed in. Three former humans stood inside, all turned towards me. The twin barrels of my shotgun roared and tore all three zombie soldiers open, splattering their guts on the walls.

The possessed soldier from the neighboring ruin opened up with its assault rifle, but I was already several feet away from the area the reanimated soldier was shooting at. I pulled the rocket launcher from my back, extended it and checked the ammo counter in my combat helmet’s heads down display. Five rockets! That would do. I shouldered the gray weapon. And moved over to a window next to the window the former human was shooting through. I launched a rocket into the window from where the annoying soldier was shooting and the window opening erupted in a fiery flower of fire and smoke.

“Booom!” I mumbled hoarsely and grinned like the Grim Reaper itself. I leapt out onto the street below. Packs of demons were snarling in the distance and I could hear that they were advancing on my position.

Without warning, a pack of blood red cacodemons dove from the sky, unleashing a barrage of lightning bolts. I fired my last rockets at them and effectively scattered the abominations, before I clapped the weapon together and swung it back into the bag on my back.

“Time to put fried demon on the menu” I grinned and pulled out the plasma rifle. 467 cells left.

I unleashed a devastating swarm of burning plasma pulses. The plasma pulses were like bright blue stars that whizzed through the air and exploding in tiny, blue white super novas, steadily taking down the cacos one by one.

Three revenants suddenly appeared from the rubble. They screamed at me in unison. I swung the plasma rifle around and started firing into the group that split up. The burning plasma whizzed down the gloomy strait, illuminating it in a bluish white light, and burned into the bones and silvery armor vests of one of the revenants. The others launched their homing missiles at me. I dove behind cover. The tracking projectiles slammed into the wall and the explosions tore it down. I leapt up and let loose a merciless stream of plasma bolts, ripping one revenant apart and harming another, before the third revenant launched a regular mini rocket at me, forcing me to leap aside and briefly stop the stream of plasma. I resumed firing but had to cut off when the severely damaged revenant launched another of these bothersome homing missiles.

I retreated back into the ruins and leapt through an empty doorway. The pursuing missile slammed into the doorframe and almost caused the ruin to collapse.

I could hear the bastards outside. Two of them. One badly hurt and another almost unscathed. They were searching for their prey, singing their howling tunes. I clutched the plasma rifle in my gloved hands and showed my gritted teeth.

I ducked down behind a boulder of concrete as one of the undead skeletons hobbled by outside. The other one was somewhere else, but it was difficult to place it. I decided to take the risk and leapt up.

Unfortunately, my sudden movement caused rubble to slip and the noise alerted the revenant outside. I heard that it let out a fierce howl and made movement noises indicating that it was turning around. I hurled myself aside as the skeletal monster blasted the wall away with its shoulder mounted missile guns. The explosion sent small pieces of rubble flying and in the rising dust I could make out the frame of the revenant’s top. Without hesitation, I fired a stream of plasma balls through the hole. I heard how the revenant howled out loud in pain as the burning energy pulses burned its undead face away and the creature sank to the ground with a clattering of bones and metal.

A loud scream reverberated through the ruin, making me swiftly turn my head to my left. In the shadows I could make out the thin frame of the last of the three revenants. I swung the barrel of the plasma rifle around and fired. It all went so fast that the monster wasn’t done screeching at me before the insanely hot plasma slammed into its body.

I continued firing, not releasing the trigger until the monster stumbled onto the ground.

I leapt to my feet and briefly looked at my victim. Black smoke rose from the charred remains of the undead demon. Its armor was melted away at the front revealing nothing but black, burnt flesh.

I spitted on the corpse and went outside.


I wonder if he’s still alive...
Goliath was standing in front of a reinforced window in a military troop carrier. With his thoughts wandering, he stared motionlessly out of the window, looking at the planet below him that had been his home.

He had understood his friend’s choice but after having been floating here in space for about a two days, knowing that his friend was in a place completely deserted by any friendly being wore him down mentally and he was anxious to get back down there to help out TX056.

“Come on Goliath, get some sleep” a female voice sounded from behind.
“Can’t sleep” He grunted quietly without turning around.
Crash stepped up next to him, looking casually on the star covered space universe outside the window.
“There is nothing we can do for him” she told him.
“We could board a craft and get down there searching for him”
“No we can’t” Crash replied. “Not according to the newest intel – it’ll be suicide”
Goliath grunted defiantly and slowly turned his head to face her.
“Do I look like I care Lieutenant? My buddy’s down there!” He growled angrily.
“No, I mean it’s certain suicide, like pointing a loaded gun at your temple and pull the trigger – lemme explain” she continued calmly, yet her slick eyebrows frowned suggesting a barely contained anger from within the dark brown eyes.

“Intelligence detected a strange disturbance rising above the place where we located the possible source – it basically screwed up the skies around that area and charged it with some sort of powerful electricity. Any ship that passes through will suffer a powerful short circuit and the ship will drop like a friggin’ meteor, not to mention that the powerful electrical energies will most likely cause the ship engine to explode – we’re never gonna make it back to the surface, and this... “Effect” is spreading fast, so deploying troops is out of the question. They’ve called off the search for survivors”

“You gotta be kidding!” Goliath spat out and finally turned completely towards her, his eyes wide.
“No, I’m afraid not” She replied and lowered her head slightly.
“We have no other choice than to wait and see if the research department comes up with a weapon against these disturbances”

Goliath turned again and stared at the Earth. Now he noticed the unusually large carpet of pitch black clouds. The clouds constantly lit up with flashes of electricity, which seemed unusually large.
Come on buddy! Put an end to that fucking source so that this nightmare will be over! Please!


I had been killing demons like there was no tomorrow. There were unbelievably many demons in this part of town and had it not been for all the ammunition that dead corpses of cops and soldiers had yielded, I would’ve run out of ammo long before now.

The street I was on seemed to widen and when I raised my head again looking straight ahead, I saw a huge, building loom over me. As I got closer, I could smell the evil from within. This had once been a normal citadel. Above me, the dark whirlpool of strange clouds was swirling around. It was almost like a humongous evil eye that watched me from above.

At long last! I stood before the demon fortress at the heart of the ruined city. That was where I was going. That was the very place I had fought to reach and now I was here. I realized that this was where things would become harder than ever.


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damn thats good. :)

(i'm typing wit one hamd :p)

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“Time to put fried demon on the menu” I grinned and pulled out the plasma rifle. 467 cells left.[/B]

No more KFC for me O_O

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Kentucky Fried Cyberdemons (or "Chaingunners x_x)

When you think about it, revenants are a good source of calcium too heh

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