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Sucker Punch series [-complevel 9]

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Since Sucker Punch 2 is now on idgames, I thought a standalone topic would garner more attention for these awesome wads by @Rook, rather than the misc. demos thread.

These are small, punchy combat arenas that scale in difficulty according to the texture colors (green=easy, yellow=medium, red=hard).


Sucker Punch (sckrpnch.wad)

Requires cc4-tex.wad to be loaded alongside for textures, which can be downloaded from Community Chest 4

MAP01-08 work on -complevel 2, MAP09 requires -complevel 9

Naming convention: supu


Here are links to my UV-Fast table fill for sucker punch from misc. demo thread:






Sucker Punch 2 (sckrpnch2.wad)

All maps -complevel 9

Naming convention: supu2


Here is my UV-Fast table fill for sucker punch 2


MAP01 UV-Fast in 3:45

MAP02 UV-Fast in 4:14

MAP03 UV-Fast in 4:21

MAP04 UV-Fast in 2:53

MAP05 UV-Fast in 3:38

MAP06 UV-Fast in 3:43

MAP07 UV-Fast in 3:25

MAP08 UV-Fast in 3:42

MAP09 UV-Fast in 6:58











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Some great demos here! Speedruns didn't enter my mind while I was designing either of the mapsets (as is probably obvious), so it's a happy accident if they're good for that purpose.

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