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Yep, the first chapter's done. I'm continuing from where the little intro part left off. For those of you who didn't read it, go find it yourself. Oh, and I know it's short, but I just have a habit of writing in small segments.

My eyes snapped open, and I could hear the wind whipping around me. The sounds of combat had left. It was almost peaceful, in a way. It suddenly came to me how lucky I was to be alive. It felt like I'd been lying there unconscious for hours, which would leave me frozen solid. I rose to my feet. My legs were weak and cramped, and my back was numb as hell. I probably had some really bad frostbite.

I grabbed my auto-rifle, strapped it over my shoulder, and started walking towards the research base. I could just barely see it, but I knew it was there. My back had started hurting so badly that I could barely keep standing. Suddenly, I tripped over something. Nearly landing face first in the snow, I spun around to see one of my teammates.

His chest cavity was empty. It had been torn wide open, and cleaned out. The sight was so horrifying that I keeled over and vomited. Once I had calmed down, I came closer to see who it was. It was John Davidson, a man that had been working with me for years. Now he was dead, brutally killed by some inhuman killing machine. I already knew what had happened to the rest of my team by then. I knew what was going to happen to me, if the cold didn't kill me first.

But before I could even turn around, something came flying out of the snow and slashed the strap of my pack in half, along with my coat and uniform. Blood spewed out of the wound. I spinned around and saw what had attacked me. But I wish I hadn't.

It was blood red, muscular, and hunched over like a bull. It had huge, blood soaked teeth, and huge razor sharp horns. I backed away in horror, as it raised it's head and let out an earsplitting roar, and leaped towards me for the kill. I leaped to the side, my M-16 blazing all the way to the ground. It fell to the ground.

As quickly as it had fallen, it came right back up and charged again. It avoided my shots, and lept up into the air above me. I spun my gun around and hit it in the gut with the butt of the gun. My thrust was unfortunately not strong enough, and it landed on top of me. As it was about to tear my head off, I pulled my gun upward and pointed it at the creature's jaw. I blasted it's head apart. Pushing it's dead body off of me, I rose to my feet, and continued towards the base.

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Very good, but too short. Please, make them longer in future. As a rule of thumb, I always make my story chapters at least 3 pages long in Word before I post them.

[edit]Oh yeah and do me a favour and don't post the heading in all-caps - I HATE all caps headings (and I'm not the only one mind you)[/edit]

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