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ECWolf custom map load error (UPDATE: Problem solved)

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Does anyone have an idea why my "GAMEMAPS.WL6" file does not work when I load it in Wolfenstein 3D with ECWolf?

It has an unfinished level in episode 1 map 1 slot.

And for some reason it does work with Spear of Destiny with ECWolf. And through dosbox it works with the original Wolf3D.exe.


These errors happen when starting the game, and it crashes before main menu:








I had used ChaosEdit to make it. And it was the original GAMEMAPS.WL6 file from Wolfenstein 3D, not from Spear of Destiny.

With a new unedited GAMEMAPS.WL6 file I can make changes to it and it still works.


Just asking if this is a common issue. And there's a simple fix.

Not planning to do anything bigger than a map or two for fun.

And maybe it works if I just start over. But would be nice to know in case it happens again.





I got it working by exporting the map into .MAP file. Then I copied an unedited GAMEMAPS.WL6, opened it with chaosedit, and then imported the map into that one.

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