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Favourite video games

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I post from work, so I'll just give a text version:


Favourite of All Time: Doom

Favourite Series: Doom

Best Soundtrack: Brutal Legend

Favourite Protag: Solid Snake

Favourite Villian: The Boss

Best Story: Spec Ops: The Line

Have not played, but want to: Half-Life Alyx

You Love, Everyone Hates: Splatterhouse [PS3]

You Hate, Everyone Loves: Final Fantasy X

Best Art Style: Metal Slug

Favourite Ending: Metal Gear Solid 2

Favourite Boss Fight: Sans

Childhood Game: Super Mario Bros 3

Relaxing Game: Rimworld

Stressful Game: Rocket League

Game you always come back to: Resident Evil 2

Guilty Pleasure: Call of Duty Mobile

Tons of hours played: Left 4 Dead 2

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Video Games chart final.png

A few observations:
Fav game: All the custom PWADs for this make this the game I've played the most and have enjoyed the most.

Fav series: Litterally the reason I keep buying Playstations. Insomniac is the best.

Best soundtrack: I just love every track on this. They create an atmosphere unlike any other game. Celeste and A Hat In Time are close behind

Protag: First game I ever played was Sonic 2, and I've been a huge fan for life. Watched the TV shows, read the Archie comics series, etc. Could never get into the modern games, but always will love the character

Villain: Memorably funny and frightening

Story: Who but these serious discussions about anxiety and depression in my retro-styled platformer?

Haven't played: I've heard it's very good! Looks super charming.

Love: I think this one gets way too much hate. Much better than the first, and I love the sheer amount of enemies you can defeat.

Hate: I've always hated the controls in this game, even back when it was first released. Made it unplayable to me.

Art: The old-school hand-drawn look is AMAZING

Ending: Probably the only game that I had to spend a half hour after just processing what happened.

Boss: Honestly, I couldn't think of many, but I always liked this boss back in the day, and the music with it was awesome.

Childhood: This game is so addicting. I've got a copy coming from Limited Run.

Relax: Super fun 3D platformer full of charm. It's only not relaxing if you're doing Death Wish

Stress: You want to yell at your friends in a panic?

Come back: This is really the entire first trilogy. Just solid fun.

Guilty: I honestly liked it. I haven't played it since it came out, but I didn't hate it. Only part I didn't like was an underwater part with a ton of Octobrain babies that killed me a ton. Other than that, it was good, but nothing special.

Hours: I'm still very active in RB, with my Rivals crew in the top 10 on Xbox. Drums = fun!

Edited by TJG1289 : Cropped image better, explanations.

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Subject to change. This will do for now

There wasn't a good chance to mention some of the other games I really love. I'd put F.E.A.R. for the best sound design, for example. A slot for "favorite glitches" would be relevant too

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On 8/23/2021 at 2:29 AM, Lippeth said:

This was nearly impossible

YOOOO ATTACK OF THE TIMELORD!!! odyssey 2 has some *major* bangers in its library. i always come back to killer bees.

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1 hour ago, msx2plus said:

YOOOO ATTACK OF THE TIMELORD!!! odyssey 2 has some *major* bangers in its library. i always come back to killer bees.

The Odyssey 2 was all we had in the house growing up as a kid for years, and still has some of my favorite game box art of all time. Which makes sense because it would have been difficult to sell some of them based on in-game screenshots I imagine, so the artwork had to really sell it.



I'd really like to find out the artist(s)'s name, and see if they've done anything else.

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Fav Game ever : Mario 3. Everything just works.

Fav Series: Final Fantasy. Favorite RPG series.

Best Soundtrack: Mega Man 2. Wily 1, that is all. 

Favorite Protagonist: Cloud Strife from FFVII

Favorite Villain: Sephiroth from FFVII

Best Story: Final Fantasy IX

Haven't played but want to: Blood

You love, everyone hates: Super 3D Noah's Ark

You hate, everyone loves: Shadow Warrior

Best Art Style: Quake. Love the gothic, Lovecraftian atmosphere.

Favorite Ending: Final Fantasy VII. Meteor is stopped and the world is saved. Awesome.

Favorite boss: Any WEAPON from FFV-onwards. 

Childhood game: New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

Relaxing game: Any Final Fantasy game.

Stressful Game: Quake deathmatch. Fast and frantic.

Game I always come back to: Any Final Fantasy game.

Guilty Pleasure: Big Rigs

Tons of hours played: Final Fantasy VII

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I already regret some of my choices

like best soundtrack could also been sonic R

favorite protagonist would have been jc denton but I already picked deus ex 2 times so i just chose something goofy

I actually dont have a favorite series sooo yeah serious sam was a random pick

fav game of all time and fav villain are basically memes

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On 8/23/2021 at 3:04 AM, msx2plus said:

all yall touhou mfs they should rename this place to touhouworld (jk touhou 9.5 and 10 own)

Basically, a forum in Misc being about Touhou wouldn't be a bad idea since there are lots of Touhou fans here

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i guess it's cheating to put an un-released game as "want to play". if i had to pick another i'd probably say witcher 3. which i'm reminded of because it's $10 USD on gog.com right now. who knows if i'll ever play it though lol

i know zelda 2 isn't really "hated" anymore, but whatever

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Outdated post. You'll find the new post under the next 2 post :)

Edited by Teo Slayer

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This was more difficult than I thought, but I finally put together a fairly satisfying list:




The hardest categories for me were "you love everyone hates" because I wasn't sure what to put there, then I remember fairly liking NAM (I played it a long time ago) and it seems it's not a very well liked game, so I threw that there. The other was "stressful" and "guilty pleasure" I almost posted it swapped, but Coffee Rush is very stressful as fun as it is, and whilst i don't consider B3 to be a "guilty pleasure" match 3 games are often made fun of lol, so I guess it can go there. Childhood Game had so many options, even DOOM and Unreal could both fit there, but I chose Rollercoaster Tycoon 'cause that was a big childhood favorite (I still love it today). Mystery Dungeon has a lot of hours simply because I have restarted that game on several occasions when I was underpowered and got stuck.... so yeah... of course other games on this list have a ton of hours too lol. 

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Here's the picture (I found a good image editor)



I've done another changes. It's fully complete and I'm happy now

Edited by Teo Slayer

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EDIT: "You hate everyone loves" - Borderlands 2

"Favourite Of All Time" - also Into The Breach

Edited by game

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1 hour ago, game said:


Oh my god, yes, Devil Daggers! Holy heck that game is stressful. No other game has made me bob and weave in my chair while playing it quite like Devil Daggers has. Hearing these guys:  



breathe/laugh/sound fucked up down your neck as they're catching up to you is so fucking unnerving.

Edited by sittinkittin : .gif now displays the correct skull enemy

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@sittinkittin Can I watch your top replay at some ID?

You posted a gif of the blind skull, this is the one that breathes behind you:


What's even more stressful is that it's faster than you unless you time the accelerating jump perfectly.

I treat it as an exercise at keeping my heartrate steady. And that doesn't really last long. Hoping to get that elusive scarled dagger one day (at 500 I believe).

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28 minutes ago, game said:

@sittinkittin Can I watch your top replay at some ID?

You posted a gif of the blind skull, this is the one that breathes behind you:


What's even more stressful is that it's faster than you unless you time the accelerating jump perfectly.

I treat it as an exercise at keeping my heartrate steady. And that doesn't really last long. Hoping to get that elusive scarled dagger one day (at 500 I believe).

Ooohh, it's those skulls that breathe! I'm a Devil Daggers noob, heh. I only played it for 6 hours. Maybe I'll get back into it some day! :3 This is the best I ever did: 




Edited by sittinkittin

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With 250 in 6 hours already, you'll surpass me in no time if you play more. I played for over an hour today and this was my best (rare skull IV death):





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Fav Game: Doom

Fav Series: toss-up between Resident Evil and Tomb Raider

Best Soundtrack: Castlevania Lords of Shadow or Curse of Darkness

Favorite Protagonist: Lara Croft from TR Legends "WHERE.IS.MY.MOTHER!"

Favorite Villain: Wesker from RE5

Haven't played but want to: AC Valhalla

You love, everyone hates: I don't know lol

You hate, everyone loves: I don't know lol

Best Art Style: If it doesn't make me want to tear my eyeballs out of their sockets its probably ok

Favorite Ending: BioShock Infinite, some parts of it make no sense but it's still the one i remember the most.

Favorite boss: U-3 from RE4, trapped in a hanging cage and have to make your way to the end before timers run out, very intense.

Childhood game: Super Mario Bros on NES

Relaxing game: Destiny 2.

Stressful Game: none

Game I always come back to: Doom

Tons of hours played: Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Edited by sluggard

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All time favourite: Doom

Favourite Series: Doom but Quake is not far

Soundtrack: Quake

Protagonist: Duke Nukem

Villain: Shub-Niggurath

Best Story: Serious Sam

Haven't played but want: Doom 2016 and Doom eternal

You love everyone hates: Doom³

You hate everyone loves: Brutal Doom

Best Art: Quake

Favourite Ending: Half-Life

Favourite Boss Fight: E2M8

Childhood Game: Pacific (you had to go down in the ocean)

Relaxing Game: Doom

Stressful Game: Penumbra

Game You Always Come Back To: Doom

Guilty Pleasure: None

Tons of Hours Played: Doom

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I wanted to go for a chart too but for some reason Doomworld just won't let me upload it, so here we go:


Favourite Series: Doom, by far

Soundtrack: Killer Instinct (2013)

Protagonist:  Artyom from the Metro Series (the books too)

Villain:  Doctor Breen from Half Life 2

Best Story:  The Final Station

Haven't played but want:  Anything Warhammer 40k, I've only played Chaos Bane and Vermintide but that's WH Fantasy

You love everyone hates:   The original Watch Dogs

You hate everyone loves:   The Witcher 3

Best Art: Carrion

Favourite Ending:  Dark Souls 3 (Usurpation of Fire ending)

Favourite Boss Fight: Leviathan from Resistance 2

Childhood Game:  LEGO Star Wars II

Relaxing Game:  S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow Of Chernobyl

Stressful Game:  Noita

Game You Always Come Back To:  Fallout 4

Guilty Pleasure: any Capstone game, because I'm a masochist.

Tons of Hours Played: Garry's mod

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Edited together on my phone, so it ain’t pretty.



Paper Mario: The Thousand Year door is one of my top five games of all time but didn’t have a spot on here compared to the others. How strange!

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Favourite of All Time: Metal Gear Solid

Favourite Series: Metal Gear Solid

Best Soundtrack: Final Fantasy 8

Favourite Protag: Solid Snake

Favourite Villian: Sephiroth

Best Story: Final Fantasy VII

Have not played, but want to: Doom SEGA Saturn

You Love, Everyone Hates: RAGE

You Hate, Everyone Loves: Stadium Events

Best Art Style: Final Fantasy IX

Favourite Ending: Final Fantasy VII

Favourite Boss Fight: M Bison

Childhood Game: Sonic The Hedgehog

Relaxing Game: Star Wars Pod Racer

Stressful Game: Final Fight Guy

Game you always come back to: The Suffering

Guilty Pleasure: Pokemon Red

Tons of hours played: Gears Of War

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I'm not going to make a graphic; so instead I'm gonna waste my time writing down my list.


Favorite of All Time: (N/A)


Favorite Series: Sonic The Hedgehog.


Favorite Soundtrack: Yakuza 2.


Favorite Protagonist: The Boss, Saints Row 2.


Favorite Villain: Ryuji Goda.


Best Story: Saints Row 1.


Have Not Played, But Want To: DOOM 64.


You Love, Everyone Hates: Shadow The Hedgehog.


You Hate, Everyone Loves: Resident Evil 2 Remake.


Best Art style: Garou Mark Of The Wolves.


Favorite Ending: Red Dead Redemption 1.


Favorite Boss Fight: Maero, Saints Row 2.


Childhood Game: Tetris.


Relaxing Game: Yakuza 3.


Stressful Game: Minesweeper.


Game You Always Come Back To: Saints Row 2.


Tons Of Hours Played: Left 4 Dead 2.


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On 8/23/2021 at 9:24 AM, Murdoch said:

Can't be assed doing a graphic. Some tough choices to make but this is a best guess.


All time favourite: Probably Skyrim Special Edition.

Favourite Series: Doom

Soundtrack: Quake II.

Protagonist: Lara Croft as depicted in Legend, Anniversary and Underworld.

Villain: Deathshead in Wolfenstein: The New Order. Hated him violently and offing him felt sweet.

Best Story: Bioshock

Haven't played but want: Nothing.

You love everyone hates: Can't think of one.

You hate everyone loves: Dark Souls

Best Art: Bioshock

Favourite Ending: Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den.

Favourite Boss Fight: Time Crisis. Once completed the game on a single credit and did the entire final boss fight with no hits left. Talk about adrenaline rush.

Childhood Game: Speedball 2

Relaxing Game: Skyrim. Lulls me into a trance almost.

Stressful Game: Doom Eternal. A lot to like but some really, really frustrating moments.

Game You Always Come Back To: Skyrim and Classic Doom.

Guilty Pleasure: None. I hate this term and am not ashamed of the things I like.

Tons of Hours Played: Skyrim, Classic Doom.


Never played Skyrim. I intend to one day. Deathshead was an astonishing bad guy: good call. And Bioshock was brilliant.


Also, I am borrowing your text as a template, hope u don't mind. :)



All time favourite: Doom OG, Doom 2016 or Deus Ex


Favourite Series: Doom


Soundtrack: Deus Ex Human Revolution


Protagonist: Amanda Ripley, Alien Isolation. Or Gordon Freeman. Or Doomguy. Or a bizarre lovechild of all three: Introducing... Amanda Freeguy


Villain: Andrew Ryan from Bioshock, or Deathshead from Wolfenstein TNO


Best Story: Prey 2017


Best Universe: Deus Ex Series, Bioshock Series, Hob, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Prey 2017


Haven't played but want: Atomic Heart


You love everyone hates: Single Player games with no microtransactions lol


You hate everyone loves: JRPG's (Though I don't really hate them, just never played them.)


Best Art: Hob


Favourite Ending: Beating DoomRL on a shotgun run/Nightmare/80% kill rate, to receive my one and only ever angelic badge.


Favourite Boss Fight: boss fights *shudders


Childhood Game: Wolfenstein. 


Relaxing Game: I don't do relaxing games. I play them for the challenge or at least the mental engagement.


Stressful Game: Alien Isolation. By a long way.


Game You Always Come Back To: Anything that I can play like chess: Know the moves and the rules and just enjoy. Examples are OG Doom and Jupiter Hell, W40K Sanctus Reach, OG Quake, Quake 2, Teleglitch


Guilty Pleasure: Doom mapping. 


Tons of Hours Played: OG Doom, Jupiter Hell, DoomRL, Quake


Honorable Mentions: Any FPS game with a great story set in an interesting and engaging universe. Stalker. Dishonored. Bioshock. Prey. Borderlands. System Shock. Deus Ex

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