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Doom 1 textures

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Does anyone have any idea where I could get The Doom1 Textures in a standalone wad? I mean ONLY the textures. no other stuff. For editing purposes.

edit: and it has to be usable in doom 2.

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Try this:

1. Copy the Doom iwad to any other directory, then rename the copy (keeping the .wad extension)
2. Use WinTex to open the copy and delete all the data except the patches and the texture data files.
3. Clean up the massive wasted space this would create, then delete the .old file that's generated when you clean the wad.

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Submerge: do you mean just the d1 textures not present in d2, or all of them? If the former, I've got a wad I can send you.

Ichor: Err, surely it would be a heck of a lot easier and quicker just to create a new wad, and then copy all the patches and TEXTURE1/PNAMES to it?

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I thought about that, but I'm not sure there is a way to copy all the textures to a wadfile. If there is a way, I don't remember it since I never use it anyway.

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1) Open the wad you want to copy entries from.

2) Select the entries you want to copy.

3) Select the 'copy entries' option from the 'edit' menu.

4) Open wad you want to copy entries to.

5) Select the 'paste entries' option from the 'edit' menu.


In this case you'll need to copy all the patches, then PNAMES and TEXTURE1.

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It's worth pointing out there are 2 ways to consider the switches in such a WAD. All the switches in Doom1 are present in doom2, but a few of them have been given the same, generic look whereas in doom1 they were quite different.

I'm not sure which way the above file does it, but you can either opt to have the switches look like they do in doom2, or like they do in doom1 (plus have all the additional doom2 switches included in either case as well).

When I do this this, I usually go for making the switches in question have the doom1 appearance as the point is usually to either have a doom1 level run in doom2, or to have all the doom1 textures available in doom2.

FYI, the switches in question are


In doom2 the above switches all look thae same. I doom1 all the above switches are present, but only SW*BRCOM looks like it does in doom2.

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Thanks loads.

This will help out rubicon astronomically.

/me adds stphrz to the "special thanks to" section of the credits

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