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Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

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Yeah I don't see a viable way to kill them unless you berserk punch the rest of the map, even then I'm not sure there is enough ammo.

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If someone is going after my fillers, here's how I rate how hard it may be


vv very easy: if you manage to exit, you can't be slower than this
grimreap easy I guess, old demo
highlow3 easy, I remember it being quite slow
ka_mill easy-medium I remember it being so-so
enigma easy-medium, with so many rockets and cells there's always room for improvement
dmp2015a medium, there are some slow parts
mars301 medium, I scored many exits so it should not be easy
ic2004 medium-hard, I put effort and this is from this year, good luck
insrtion medium-hard, I really like this demo
mm 13 tyson hard (the time sucks but good luck with exiting alive)
2002ado hard, it was a bounty for 3 points!


I may try some of these in the last two days if I have time, though for me the fun part is not to touch my own demos and see others' attempts :)

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