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Beat 1000 Table Fillers Month

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Congestion: 1024 - Map 20: Claustrophobic Sting | UV-Max in 2:15
The last of the 1024 demos and probably the last one from me tonight, had a bit of a hectic day so I'm gonna get some sleep and knock out more demos tomorrow. :)


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21 minutes ago, Proinfernape said:

Added another time hope that's okay monkaS


Mostly it's me logging the runs. If I haven't clicked like yet, it's fine for me to see it. Though, that could also happen during uploading or something, so if it's not shortly after you post, post another one just to be safe.


BTW, there's no Infernape in your profile pic :P 

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Want a little piece of hot nomonsters pie too)


Eternal Doom m06 NoMo 100s - 2:13.06


P.S. All NoMo Eternal demos from original demopack (e3demos.zip) should be marked as NoMo 100s at DSDA, because they are walkthrough demos. Or at least in this topic spreadsheet.


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UV Max in 1:57 (previous record 4:34 by Gene Bird)



UV Max in 0:58 (previous record 1:05 by Michael Novikov)


All for One

E1M1 UV Max in 3:05 (previous record 4:56 by Michael Novikov)



Map 1 UV Max in 1:58 (previous record 3:52 by Martin Schultz)


Return to Phobos

E1M4 NM Speed in 0:14 (previous record 0:17 by Never_Again)


dmcraz (WANTMOMY.wad)

E1M1 NM Speed in 0:16 (previous record 0:20 by Never_Again)







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