Break on Through - is second map from boom format episode "Run like Hell" for DOOM II. Maps are based around idea of Knee-Deep in the Dead episode but reversed. All maps are completly new but contained little refferences to original maps from DOOM.
  I desided to release maps seperatly as they ready, considering how much time its takes for me to make a map.
  Very interested in feedback, especially later in one section (where you entering main base), because i was too carried away while making it, to the point when map basically starts to break. Unfortunately, for this reason, i have no other choice but to completly rework last section, and im wondering how it ended up.   Boom format map; Require limit-removing port; Tested in GZdoom, Zandronum and prboom(-complevel 9); Require hardware rendering to prevent HOM and slime trail effect; Made with freelook in mind but possible with normal look; Jumping and crounch are disabled; Difficulty settings are implemented; Map slot Map02; Maps in episode made with pistol start in mind.
Map 02 -
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